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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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September 06 2010

BBC Radio 5 Interview with Tony Head. Begins around the 35 minute mark- he discusses amongst other things sport, Merlin, OMWF and his short lived pop career.

In relation to the other thread, Tony calls Joss a God at around 1h08.
That is so funny that Tony Head calls Joss a God. I loved both interviews (I'm a big Alan Davies fan).
Have you done any cheap, shoddy TV?

NO! Quality only for ASH. Thanks for this interview. One of the thrills of my life was seeing him in person at Comic-Con, July 25. Didn't get a terribly good seat, but it was all good. He's a terribly silly guy, laughs a lot, delightful. The Merlin blooper reel was so funny I nearly fell off my chair. He broke character and quite often. He's gorgeous, still, and humble, proclaiming his work "the best job ever".

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