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September 06 2010

Cover versions of music from Buffy and Angel. The covers album "Twilight, New Moon, Love & Vampires" features several tracks from Buffy and Angel. If that doesn't sate your appetite, then you can also get cover versions of "Close Your Eyes" and "Buffy's Sacrifice".

They're also available on iTunes.

That's some bullshit to put Buffy stuff on the same album as the trash from Meyer.
Easy on the insults, it's not what we do here.
Interesting, but I don't see the reason for this. I especially do not really understand why two songs by Sarah McLachlan would've been chosen to sell a CD about vampires and Twilight, considering both songs would be very obscure to non-Buffy fans.

The covers (I've only heard the Buffyverse ones) seem very uninspired.
I honestly didn't recognize the Angel theme.
Wow, those sounded BAD.
Sarah McLachlan songs represent the music of the Jossverse? Besides the themes, the most famous score is probably Close Your Eyes. And, um, WAY too much Twilight. Just make it a Twilight covers album. The non-Twilight stuff really feels like it's tacked on as an afterthought. Interview With the Vampire, in particular, has a lot of music in it that is very interesting (Lestat's Tarantella comes to mind). And, I don't know, they could have done some piece of music from, say, Dracula (1931 and/or 1992). That would make it feel a little less lopsided in favor of Twilight.
God forbid people of today know anything about vampires apart from that they sparkle, NileQT87.
Um this is... interesting, but I think I'm going to stick with the original versions of the Buffy songs.
The wrongness of this is so large.

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