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September 06 2010

Felicia Day's SyFy Movie "Red" will air October 30th. As part of its "31 Days of Halloween" festival, Felicia Day's movie Red: Werewolf Hunter, a twist of the "Red Riding Hood" story, will air October 30th.

She'll play Red, whose ancestor is Little Red Riding Hood...and whose family hunts werewolves. She introduces her boyfriend to her family, but he doubts they're really hunters--until he's bitten by a werewolf.

When did it get that subtitle? I liked it just being called "Red".
Agreed. Now it sounds horribly campy. I'll still give it a shot, though, because I love Felicia Day.
Probably because there's also that new Bruce Willis movie called "Red", so they don't want any confusion.
Yes, horribly campy. Like that show..."Buffy the Vampire Slayer". It'll never work.
Excellent point, JMaloney.
For some mysterious reason I am suddenly reminded of one of my childhood storytime favorites: The Man with the Take-apart Head...

Whoops! - Seem to be thinking with my fingers again.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Highlander: The Raven
The Mother of All Trailers: Full Throttle: The Last Stand: The Legend of Curly's Gold: Part 1...

Help... I'm getting Colon Cancer*...

* DON'T! DO! IT!

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Thanks for posting. I'm definitely going to try to catch this when it airs.
Hmmmm... Felicia Day combined with the premise certainly catches my attention. A Syfy original movie? Cautiously optimistic at best. Their films just never seem to live up to potential, but I concede there have been a few that approach "quite good."

I agree, "Red" alone is a better title. But hey, it's Sighfy and this is their level of marketing.
The title confusion was more than theoretical. I'd already seen Felicia's name incorrectly associated with publicity for the other film.
Oh, great. I'm definitely looking forward to it.
what? I like Syfy's original movies. and it wouldn't be one without a campy title.
and hey,brinderwalt, I didn't know that part of tv tropes! I don't know wether to thank you or curse you!
I think they had to call it "Red: Werewolf Hunter" because most Syfy movie titles are like that, and it prevents confusion from another movie called "RED", which includes Helen Mirren packing heat and John Malkovich as the Heavily-Armed and Talented Mr. Ripley.
Understandable how both there could be confusion between the two movies.
Why don't they just call it "Red: Watch this because Felicia Day's in it"?
hacksaway, that would've been a very good title
and hey,brinderwalt, I didn't know that part of tv tropes! I don't know wether to thank you or curse you!

Hey - I said not to do it didn't I?
I'll watch because it has Felicia and Kavan Smith in it, but I'm not expecting it to be much good, even in a "so bad it's good" kind of way. For me most Syfy movies shoot past campy, cheesy fun into just plain awful, the only one that came close to "fun" for me was "Mammouth" or maybe "Fire Serpent". I can't believe they regularly get 2 million+ viewers, I guess it's people tuning in for whichever Sci-fi actor needed to pay some bills this week.
Hah. I wasn't the only one who spotted Kavan then.

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