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December 07 2003

(SPOILER) Episode 13 details at FilmJerk. No real new spoilers but interesting if you like to know about the production and casting process for the show.

Do like the Mutant Enemy injokes.

Will we see Rear Admiral Minnear?

Interesting change of pace...Everyone who is eagerly anticipating an Angel episode filmed outside the confines of Wolfram & Hart raise your hand...
Certainly with, what appears to be, better demographics and ratings numbers more production money should be coming in to allow filming off of the principle set...But we'll see I guess...And shouldn't we be expecting some rumors or rumblings concerning possible season six negotiations especially since we are fast approaching the season's mid-point? Did anyone read the entire transcript of the Joss speech from the 100th Ep party, and is there anything we can infer from it (at least regarding Angel continuing)?

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Where is the transcript of Joss's speech?

Also according to Kristin chat on eonline about a month back the WB has already agreed to a 6th season of Angel, I think it was around the time they picked up the option for the rest of this season when she reported it but no other confirmations since then. Other than Mercedes mentioning she rescently signed for another season and Sarah T mentioning them talking about adding her to the cast next season when she got her 7 episode extention.
Yea, but Kristin's chat was thought to be a mix-up...rather that she was referring to the go ahead for an entire (current) season as the WB had an option to cut the season to eight episodes if it felt numbers were not up to snuff...I was certainly upbeat about the article but there has been no other confirmation except for Kristen's unusually short blurb...You would think something that important would have come with much more hype? I would not read too far into any contract extensions either, JM stated that he signed on for a two year deal but if you remember he also had one more year on his contract when Buffy ended...So we can infer that just because actors are under contract there is no guarantee that they will be working...LOL I hope we hear more about it though!

Ohh..And regarding the transcript...There must have been more to Joss's "speech" than what was posted earlier...I was just curious as to all he had to say...

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I thought the same to but the chat mentioned the 6th season specifically and I think she knows this is the 5th season, but like you said waiting on confirmation from the WB but probably wont get that until after Feb '04. Also it was just rescently when Mercedes and Sarah mentioned being asked back for another season. Which I don't think they would do with second string characters unless the possibilty was strong for another season.
Sarah Thompson is going to be a recurring character/possible cast member on a midseason replacement CBS drama. Is she thinking that Angel has more of a possibility of having a 6th season than her new show lasting more than a few months?
So it remains to be answered...Where does ME and AtS stand for next year? ME has always had strange contract behavior/negotiation practices.

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