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September 07 2010

Fall 2010 TV Premiere Schedule. The 2010 Fall schedule that includes many returning and new shows featuring our alumni.

I tried to find a list that was the most descriptive for the US season and included most of the major networks' so here's to hoping this one works.
Here a small list just in case(Note: They're all based off Eastern/Pacific Time):
How I Met Your Mother(CBS) -- (9/20) 8:00pm
Chuck(NBC) -- (9/20) 8:00pm
Castle(ABC) -- (9/20) 10:00pm
Hawaii Five-O(CBS) -- (9/20) 10:00pm (Featuring Daniel Dae Kim(Angel) and James Marsters as a Guest Star)
Bones(FOX) -- (9/23) 8:00pm
Big Bang Theory(CBS) -- (9/23) 8:00pm

Sorry if I missed any, I tried to get as many as I could. And if anyone knows the dates for Mad Men or any of the other shows not on the major networks that would be great. I couldn't find one page with them all.

Monday looks like the Evening of Doom™ again this year, very busy.
I've been using a few guides, but the TVBTN one is the best. Easily. Technically, its two lists there, one in alphabetical and one in chronological. The cable shows are there, I guess.

Dexter is September 26. I think Julie guests in it. Not 100% though. No Ordinary Family, starting Julie Benz again (yay!) is the 28th on ABC.

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Yeah, last I heard it was the 'Dexter' season premiere she was guesting on. That's probably the returning show i'm most eagerly awaiting.

And thanks for the alternative link Jaymii, both guides are very handy but the one on TVbtN is more printer friendly.
Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan's new show, Terriers, is on tonight at 10pm on FX. Olivia Williams is guesting on it (not sure if it's tonight's episode or another one, but she's been in the previews).
I believe Olivia is in the 3rd episode of Terriers. She isn't in the pilot that airs tonight at 10 on FX, but you should all watch it anyway. :)
Mickey O'Connor of TV Guide has compared the new Nikita to Dollhouse, which it didn't like. Here's the link, although there isn't any more on the Dollhouse comparison.
The New York Times also has mentioned Dollhouse in comparison to Nikita.

OK, now I see that all the TV critics are comparing Nikita to Dollhouse. Ugh, read this mention: "This is the smart, female-centered spies-and-slick shootouts series that Fox fumbled so spectacularly years ago in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. ... TiVo, if only to see Maggie Q in a swimsuit a few more times."
The Ny Times also compared Nikita to Modesty Blaise... I guess because of the swimsuits and criminal past? Do all strong female characters (SFC) automatically become reduced to their lowest common denominators? The two are nothing alike. Some points:

1. Modesty Blaise was a self made woman, not coerced into learning her "talents."
2. She ran a successful criminal gang and when she retired, volunteered to help out the British secret service due to boredom and a mutual exchange of benefits.
3. Nikita doesn't have a Willie Garvin, much to her loss.
In fairness, as we've mentioned on here approx. infinity times, SFCs are still rare (and were even rarer in the past) so given that I guess it's sort of understandable when the comparisons are, to say the least, lacking (because you have to use what you have).

What's more irksome to me is that they'll make bad comparisons where the main commonality is the character being female rather than good comparisons to a male character (Nikita is surely closer to e.g. Jason Bourne or maybe Bourne crossed with Léon by way of Callan). I.e. every comparison of that nature is effectively saying "The most pertinent fact is that she's female".

Sounds worth a look though, Maggie Q has never particularly leapt out at me before but I do like spy/assassin stories which highlight the grimier, more sordid aspects of that world - killing people isn't glamorous or cool, whatever the reason for it, and I appreciate fiction that acknowledges that
Merlin(BBC 1) -- (9/11 ) 7:25pm.

There, fixed it for you ;).

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