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December 07 2003

Buffy DVD site updated Fox's Official site for the Buffy DVDs makes room for season 5.

This really has nothing to do with the buffy site, but on the idea of site updates, I think Wheonesque really needs a chat room if it would not be to hard to keep up with, anybody agree, disagree, or just want me dead? Anybody?
How could anyone say no to a 400 pound gorilla? ;-)
I actually just brought this up last week in an email to the staff..Understandably, a chat forum means another forum for to moderate and I just don't think our moderators at Whedonesque have enough time...
Two different things. A chat box and a forum. We're not going to do either. Sorry!
Prolific, I thought this WAS a forum already...
No, this is a weblog, with comments. As stated on our about page. Which everyone should read before posting.

*bangs head against wall*

What's the difference?

On a forum, people pull topics our of their arse and discuss them. On a weblog, people link to interesting sites elsewhere on the internet and then talk about the contents of whatever's linked.
Geez. Sor-RY. Didn't mean to inspire a concussion, especially so early in the morning.
It's 4pm where I am.

But seriously - this site's my baby. When users don't know what they're using, i.e. they're holding my baby without knowing how to, I get cranky.
*scratches head in confusion*

Based upon my rather limited knowledge of web terminology, something like this is what could be commonly referred to as a chat or discussion "forum", whereas Whedonesque is a community weblog.

Just my 2 cents:-)
What difference does it make? I come, I enjoy, I post.

Who cares what the "proper name" is.

Whedonesque is the first site I check in the morning, and the last site I check at nite. I feel part of the community here. I love how its constantly updated with the most current info for us. I like the people here. I like the genteel atmosphere.

Never thought I'd be so jumped on for not knowing the "definition" of weblog. :(
I'm sorry I brought it up. Can't we all just get along, prolific please stop banging your head against the wall! I love you guys! i need a hug.
*offers a hug*.

It's the first site I check in the morning too, usually 15 minutes after I get up in fact. Large cup of coffee (I drink from a Spoiler Slayer mug), one Malboro Light and a perusal of what's been said overnight. Perfect way to start the day.
*accepts hug*

Thank you Simon, i feel better.

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