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September 08 2010

Dr Horrible trade paperback out this week. It includes a brand new Evil League of Evil story. Also available from Dark Horse this week is a $1 dollar reprint of the original Buffy #1 from 1998.

So its this week? I thought it was last week. Maybe my local comic book store will have it then. We can use it as a prize in our Dr. Horrible CSTS event here in Toronto on the 18th. Huzzah!
Thanks for letting us know about this, Simon. The Dr Horrible trade is also available for pre-order at Amazon UK, which is where I usually purchase my Whedonverse books.

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Is the TPB a collection of the comics? I'm just wondering if these have been published already - and if so, has anyone read them? I'm curious to see how well a "musical" translates into comic book form...
Wait, Buffy #1 was from '98? Wow. I remember buying that issue, but in my mind the comic started up during the latter seasons. Guess I was wrong :). Will also try to get that Dr. Horrible TPB.
Brandon, as mentioned above, the TPB collects what has already been published, but also includes a new, 16 page Evil League of Evil Story. There are no musical elements to the stories, at least not the ones that have already been published.

GVH: The first issue was published in September 1998, at the start of season three.
Is the Serenity $1 comic this week too? Mal is on the cover so I guess it is from Serenity: Those Left Behind ???
The Serenity comic should be out next week.

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