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September 08 2010

Terriers premieres tonight at 10/9 Central on FX. Show your support for Tim Minear and his new cable show by tuning in.

"I... don't think I get that channel."
Oh, its tonight?! YES! It's nice that TV is coming back.
Looking forward to checking this out. :)
The creole guy from True Blood is one this show! I thought he did really well. Wish I had cable =(
I went to set up my DVR for it last night and discovered I actually don't get that channel! Pooh!

Here's hoping it's successful enough for me to buy on DVD!
I adore Michael Raymond-James from True Blood!

Olivia Williams (Adelle from Dollhouse) guest-stars in an episode early in the season. Here's's very positive review of the series based on the first few episodes: Review

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Yes, support and the fact that Tim (and some fans) have been posting reviews of the pilot on Facebook and they are of the glowing (not radioactive) variety. One said the series resembles Altman films and Newsweek called it one of hottest 10 new shows. I think that bespeaks Terriers pretty well.

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This show is getting positive buzz all over the place. It looks fantastic and I can't wait.
Excited as hell! I've missed Tim on my TV. Love him.
Very of the looking forwardness. To this. Yup. ; >

HitFix be liking it here. Re: Our Olivia {contains an episode plot summary}:

A Touch of Noir, I'm thinking, which would be in keeping with its creators' tastes. Neat.
FX has been doing some excellent shows, both entertaining and challenging. It's not a premium channel; I wonder why some cable packages don't carry it.
I finally caught a commercial for this and didn't find it very interesting.

But then I remembered that I hadn't been at all impressed with the commercials for Firefly or Drive. So I guess that I'll be checking it out. :)
Anybody see it yet? Pro? Con? (We don't get FX)
I liked it, but I definitely need to see more episodes to get a better handle on it.
Liked it. It had a less colorful Veronica Mars vibe to it (beyond just the plot similarities). I'll definitely check out a few more episodes. Upcoming TV season looks potentially thin on quality shows, but things are at least off to a nice start here.
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sorry, that's all I got.
I just found a positive review from Maureen Ryan, who has seen the first 5 Episodes. There are a few spoilers (but they seemed mild imo).
I thought it was damn good. Most pilots just hint at what's to come, but this served up a nice big slice. ; >

The writing is smart and tight, it looks great - really, like nothing else on TV - and the acting is superior. And bonus - hadn't realized who Michael Raymond-James (one of the two leads) is - he was René on True Blood. His chemistry with Donal Logue is palpable. (Oooh - and whoever is overseeing the music is also on their game...)

The whole thing felt really focused on the characters, and time was spent showing us who everyone was, and their relationships, without it feeling at all heavy-handed and expository. Dunno yet how deep they'll look at stuff - but it was a great beginning.

I wouldn't have necessarily thought that this buddy-investigator show would hold my interest, but it did, and I'll be watching it again.
It had a less colorful Veronica Mars vibe to it (beyond just the plot similarities)

Whew, I am not the only one who noticed this. I half expected/wanted Veronica to pop out during their investigation and say something snarky.

Overall, this looks quite promising. The pilot was sharp and entertaining. I love noir and wittier-than-thou P.I. stories, so this series could certainly become one of my favorites this season.
I liked it a lot, they've set up a show style of kind of a 'mystery of the week' plus an on going nemesis who will provide them with a season long (or longer?) story arc. The guys are very dead beat (neither one has the Nathan Fillion charm) and their girl friends seem very superficial and undeveloped (ie blond and boring), but I'll definitely continue watching.
I liked Terriers a lot (believe me, Ocean Beach is not as clean and nice a beach town as they presented it) and I can see quirky Altmanesque touches in it. I almost thought the bad rich guy was played by C. Thomas Howell but was proved wrong afterward when I looked him up. I got the sense this will hang together better as the episodes progress but let's face it - the acting and on-screen relationship of Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James made the pilot. I wonder at what time of day they filmed because I'm down there every weekend and never noticed a thing.
I could definitely see a Veronica Mars crossover. They seem like they could be set in the same universe.
I enjoyed it. I liked the dialogue and the fact that there's an storytelling arc involved. I just wish the two principal women characters didn't look so much alike; I was confused.
I just wish the two principal women characters didn't look so much alike; I was confused.

Yeah, I had the same problem.

I thought it looked great and the actors were good, but it was a bit yawny for me. I'll keep checking it out though.
Yeah, the ratings were disappointing. They're gonna replay it after the popular Sons of Anarchy though, so hopefully it'll pick up some viewers there. Otherwise, Tim might disprove the "creative shows really CAN thrive on cable!" myth :(. (which isn't to say plenty of other shows haven't done that already)
QuoterGal said:
...(Oooh - and whoever is overseeing the music is also on their game...)

The music score is by none other than Castle & Buffy (Season 7) composer, Robert Duncan! :)

I really, really enjoyed Terriers. I was expecting to like it, just not to the degree that I did. Honestly, I think the two points holding this show back and preventing it from pulling in a large number of viewers is the title (It tells us nothing about the show and doesn't pique curiosity) and the commercials. Promotion is all over the place for the show and it currently has positive feedback from both critics and the viewers who bothered to tune in, but the TV spots are generic and forgettable. I hope using Sons of Anarchy as a lead in will help the show find the right audience. There are elements here that people will easily and happily latch on to, they just need to watch it.

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