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September 08 2010

Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic now on iTunes UK store. Available to download is the trailer and issue 1.

I noticed this yesterday when I was looking for NPH's Dracula thing. It finally gave me a chance to watch the trailer (which gives aways tons, if you haven't read it) and as cool as it looks, I'm so not bothering with it if they can't be bothered to check in with Dark Horse.
Jaymii, don't believe everything you read.
Haha, something must have happened there. The couple of times I've seen it brought up with Scott Allie he seemed a bit off. I might just be reading into things though.
Does this mean that they're gonna bring out the DVD in the UK like they did in the US?
She just sounds nothing like SMG. It takes me out of it. At least in the comics I can imagine her voice in my head. I wish they had tried to get Giselle Loren, she was good. Haven't decided if I want to buy these yet.
Yes, gingyfromshrek, this will be released in the UK and other countries as well.
How much is it? I'm not registered for itunes store and I don't really want to be. I might try it if this is like 50p or something.
1.49 for an HD episode, 1.19 for an SD episode. You can buy a season pass for 22.99 or 17.99 as well.

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