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September 08 2010

Will Captain Mal ever cross over? "Nathan Fillion may be a recognizable name to cult movie and TV geeks, but does he have what it takes to break into the mainstream?"

Nathan has already broken into the mainstream with Castle. Of all the Firefly actors, I think he's the most likely A-List candidate. It could happen, but there is a lot of downside to that. I wish him all the work as well as privacy that he desires.
He's as well known as David Boreanaz or someone. There are very few television actors who turn into George Clooney. And I think most are happy with being on television. I'm tempted to say Jon Hamm is "crossing over", in the television world at least, but he's still pretty minor. I guess.

Such a weird criteria.
Morena is also arguably well on her way into the mainstream with 'V' (people may not know her name yet but they'll surely recognise 'Anna' in future TV/film appearances).

Personally I hope Nathan gets it if he wants it (to me 'A-list' status is very much a double edged sword) cos he certainly deserves it. Course in Hollywoodland, as Will Munny might say, deserve's got nothin' to do with it.
Ummm. I always hate these kinds of articles.

Television is a different medium than film. Some people are TV actors and others are film actors. I think the Cap'n is by and large a television actor. That doesn't diminish his work at all. He's been great in the films he's been in, but his personality works better for TV, I think. He has the kind of personality that makes you want to really get ot know his character - and you can't do that with a movie. Movies are about the story, characters take a back seat. TV is about the characters and how they interact with the story.
Alan Tudyk never stops working and has done a lot of high profile stuff. That won't change any time soon with Transformers 3 being pinched off next year.

Nathan Fillion is the lead in a prime time procedural. He couldn't get more mainstream without landing a CSI gig. Whether he can build on that and become a bigger STAR is another debate altogether.
Does he have to break into the mainstream? If he's working, on things he loves, making a living, and enjoying his life, who cares how mainstream he is or isn't.
Only niche media sites it seems One True b!x. Genre journalists and fans who like to see their guy make the fame step up. As if that's important.
Summer as well; Cameron will be iconic, in my estimation.
He had a pretty good seat at the Emmys for someone who wasn't even nominated.
Yeah, I noticed that too. It wasn't even on ABC! I didn't see one interview from him though, which disappointed me muchly.
Geez I hate these type of articles. The writer seems to be confusing "mainstream" with "A-list Moviestar". NF is the undisputed lead of a hit light hearted procedural on a major network which is heading into it's 3rd season, and he reportedly earns $100,000 per episode. That's it, he's done it, he's mainstream no questions asked. Are you going to question whether William Petersen is mainstream because Gill Grissom doesn't do many big movies. Will he be a George Clooney? Maybe, probably not, but it doesn't matter. And the writer seems to be a bit behind the times with phrases like "stuck in TV hell" and thinking only TV geeks know the names of anyone not headlining their own blockbuster.
Yes, on mainstream vs. A-list Moviestar. I commented on this at Facebook. NF is definitely mainstream now. I don't get any sense he wants to be an A-list moviestar, and based on the aggravation he has already experienced from fans and non-fans/agitators/hit-and-run gropers alike, I almost want to say I wouldn't want that for him. Not to mention being a human meat puppet target for the paparazzi. I think Nathan has it good, just the way it is right now, myself; awesome friends and good work, with more to come, and even more important to me, recognition as an activist for literacy and conservation (the electric car).
He plays the title role on a Nielsen Top 20 major network TV series. How much more "mainstream" can somebody get? Unless they're asking if he's going to turn into water and flow into the ocean ...
I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that the character in the Uncharted series was actually developed with Nathan Fillion in mind.
I think actors like NF have it made. Unless they are dying for "fame", how wonderful to have regular work that you love, making good money, and yet still be able to go out for a coffee without being mobbed by paparazzi, right?
Most actors just want to work. If some role they take increases their ability to get more work, and more money for it (especially when it means they can actually make a living), that's what they want. A-list or mainstream may get you more swag, or into cooler parties, and I don't doubt that it's kind of fun, but actors, want to work. That's the bottom line.

I doubt that someone like Adam Baldwin, who is the definition of "working actor", and has worked steadily for decades, is too fussed that he's not A-list or mainstream or really famous by many standards.
Typical clueless article about how a Whedonverse favorite hasn't dominated show biz, but being blind to the fac he's got a nice steady gig which will lead to more steady gigs soon enough. Is the author impatient for Nathan to take every role Harrison Ford usually gets? Sheesh!
On the other hand, TV and movies should have a steady diet of Enver Gjokaj, Miracle Laurie, Olivia Williams and (natch) Eliza Dushku..and Amy Acker...and SMG....and Sean Maher....and everyone at the Guild...well, you get the idea.
How is "Castle" not the mainstreamiest of the mainstream?
As much as I love Castle, I wouldn't object if he had a George Cloony like surge into stardom. I'd love seeing him on the big screen in various roles; something different and challenging each time.
I just love that Green Lantern trailer. Ryan Reynolds is cool and all, but still...
Other than money and fame, the main advantage of being A list is having the influence to get a picture made that wouldn't have happened otherwise. E.g., the B&W movie about Edward R. Murrow and the Army-McCarthy hearings; this was a small art film which probably would not have been made if Clooney hadn't agreed to take a role in it. My forlorn hope of more Firefly (preferably on TV, but I'll take a movie) are resting on the advancement of Mr. Fillion's career. He seems to be the only member of the cast who cares enough about Serenifly to put his weight behind a revival.

For that matter, wouldn't it be interesting to see Clooney and Fillion in the same movie?

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How is "Castle" not the mainstreamiest of the mainstream?

It definitely is. I think the writer is just confusing "not being mainstream" with "not being Harrison Ford" due to the Mal/Han similarities. Though that doesn't make complete sense either because the author bemones Firefly's premature end as NF's hope of mainstream stardom dashed and then kinda dismisses Castle because it's just TV.

On the other hand, TV and movies should have a steady diet of Enver Gjokaj, Miracle Laurie, Olivia Williams and (natch) Eliza Dushku..and Amy Acker...and SMG....and Sean Maher....and everyone at the Guild...well, you get the idea.

Uhuh. I'd "worry" about the "mainstream careers" of these before Mr. Fillion, who even if Castle was cancelled tomorrow would probably have no problem finding some decent work, given that Castle is essentially a commercial for how charming he is on screen.
Anyone notice the bad photoedit on the captain hammer picture? I suppose they edited it to be PC so he wasn't shown flipping the bird, but why not just choose a different picture?

I agree with everyone one else. Fillion has already hit mainstream. Personally, I'd prefer he not hit the "A-list" status for his own sanity's sake. Plus, I enjoy seeing him weekly on TV versus in 1 or 2 movies a year.
George Clooney also *directed* "Good Night, and Good Luck" (the Edward R. Murrow film), which I think is what really helped get it made. To anyone's knowledge, has Nathan Fillion expressed thoughts about wanting to direct/produce one way or the other? Fine with me either way, just curious.
As actor Boman Irani said, success and fame are not the same thing.
janef, I'm not sure the universe could handle so much cool in one place should Nathan & George Clooney do something together. But I'd be willing to take that risk. I mean, the universe survived a Fillion/NPH match up... ;)
How far back in the den is that geek crouching? I have several female friends whom I could never interest in Firefly who are so into Castle they embarrass me. When fresh episodes aren't on they are drooling over reruns and e-mailing me reminders. I am thinking of buying them "Is It Monday Yet?" T-shirts from the ABC website. As far as they are concerned, Nathan's as mainstream as it gets.

The only additional happiness Nathan could gain from bigger stardom would be the Clooneyesque ability to pick up the phone, make calls, get things done on the basis of name alone, and from what he's been able to do already it seems to me that the charity aspect of that ability is coming along nicely. Getting films made? Not yet, that's true, but that's rare even for the biggest names.

Let's not wish Nathan anything which would bring TMZ down on him, or any other unhappiness, just plenty of good work.
I wish Castle got picked up on a bigger network in the UK. I've only seen the first season and it sucks having it on a nothing channel.
I'm with you there Jaymii, wishing Castle was picked up by a bigger network in the UK so it got more attention.
Matt7325, the lead character even looks like him.

Funny you should mention that, I had my son look up who does the voice just the other day, then he showed me this review of the game where the reviewer says it's the closest he'll ever get to being Mal, and he mentions Nathan several times.
Seeing as how Nathan considers himself as being at "perfect famous" right where he is, based on several interviews where he used the term, I do sort of kind of dismiss articles that speculate on his A-list-potential.

Not that I'd avoid seeing him in an A-list role of course! I wish him all the success he wants (and none of the personal drama that plagues so many A-listers), but he seems to be content with his current level of fame for the present, which is pretty cool. :)

...That being said, I DO think he deserves an Emmy nomination one of these days!

@patxshand, I like the word you invented there. :)

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