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September 08 2010

(SPOILER) A Review of Marti Noxon's script for "Fright Night" remake. Carson Reeves takes a critical eye to a draft for the forthcoming redo of the 1980s horror-comedy penned by none other than the Whedonverse's very own Marti Noxon. Note: major spoilers!

Normally the idea of a remake or reboot or rewhatever makes me roll my eyes but I'm looking forward to this one.
Is David Tennant in this or am I the butt of a friends joke?
David Tennant is in this. Pictures from the movie show that he doesn't quite look like himself though.
The promo pics of David Tennant as a Criss Angel clone are awesome. You almost can't recognize him, he looks so different.

I have a lot of affection for the original Fright Night. I hope this remake lives up to the terrific 80's version! If I read that article correctly and the actor who played McLovin is Evil Ed, that's a great casting choice and I look forward to what he brings to the movie.
Fright Night was a huge part of my childhood. I watched and rewatched both the first one and the sequel so many times that I could (and still can) quote parts of both movies. So when I first heard about the remake, I had the same knee-jerk reaction as the author. That still hasn't completely went away, but I feel better now that I hear Marti's writing the script, and almost ecstatic that David Tennant is Peter Vincent. Here's hoping that this one lives up to the original.
I'm open-minded about remakes, though I prefer Hollywood tried to make more original flicks. And I'll give this one a shot, but I'm already disheartened by the lack of wolves, bats, and mist for this one. Those were some of the coolest parts of the originals.
I've never seen Fright Night. and I had no idea Marti Noxon was involved, I only knew about David Tennant's involvement, and that was more than enough reason for me to watch.
so I have no opinion wether the remake'll be good or not. I hope it's fun.
This is one of Roger's reviews, not Carson's. Just for accuracy's sake.

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