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September 08 2010

Sean Maher joining ABC Family's "Make It Or Break It" for its second season. According to Sean on Twitter.

I'd never heard of this show before, but I'll definitely be tuning in for Sean.

I actually do watch that show. It just started its mid-season break, no return date that I can find other than "2011" yet. I'm so excited he'll be on it! It'll make me stop being (mildly) embarrassed that I watch the show!
He's probably going to be the new coach or something.
Yeah, that's my guess, too, xNele
xNele - Holly Sorensen tweeted this: "we lucked out on getting such a great (and hunky!) actor for this role. i can reveal he is part of emily's new life" So Emily's dad maybe?
Yes, I watch this show. I honestly think Sean is far, FAR too talented an actor for it, but that didn't stop me from squealing like a 14 yr old at a Myley Cyrus concert when I read the news.
I've seen it a few times, it's a cute show and the gymnastics is fun to watch, and it's something a little different to most teen shows.

Nice to see Sean working again and hopefully it will lead to better opportunities soon.
Sean would do a great job as the new coach.
I know F_TB had hoped he would be Emily's dad, but I think the show will get rid of her, since she was arrested seconds after getting on the World team. I expect her to get kicked off the team because Ellen Beals doesn't want a felon representing the USA.
Now I haven't seen any of this show ever (besides, bizarrely, the ads about Emily being arrested apparently) but isn't Sean a bit young to be playing someone's father? I think hes a little over a decade older than the actress playing Emily, which I suppose is still plausible since shes presumably playing younger, but that still strikes me as a little weird.

And knowing nothing of the series I'm throwing out some random possibilities. Prison warden? Lawyer? A Doctor mayhap?
@impalergeneral - The tweet came from the show's creator so I have no way of knowing for sure, but I don't think Emily's going anywhere. I could definitely see Sean as the coach but I don't think Sasha is leaving either. So maybe Emily's lawyer? Sean is young but casting decisions seem to play pretty fast and loose with age (the girl who plays Emily is married with a kid IRL I think). Annnd I just thought way too much about this. Anyway.
Well, if Sean is there to help Emily, which would almost be unheard of for this show lately, so much the better. But being her coach in another gymastics center...with Sasha (who was more or less kicked out of The Rock in the latest episode)...also appeals to me. We'll find out in January or so.
I can't find any mention of it in the summaries of the episodes, but didn't we see Emily's dad already? So they'd have to change the actor for Sean to take that role. As much as I hate to see Sasha go (he was definitely my favorite character), I still think Sean will be the new coach.

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