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September 09 2010

(SPOILER) Preview Pages for Angel #37 from Buffyfest. It's out on September 22.

This looks interesting. I know Angel has been hit or miss, but the preview makes me want to see what happens next. I will see this series through the end.
Egad. So, does Angel not know how to say Sudoku, or is he play-acting a character who doesn't know how to say Sudoku? Or is it an editing mistake? Questions, questions...
The story could be good... but it's the voice that's killing me with the Angel series. I just can't hear Angel and Spike talking like that. Especially Spike. Bleh.
I agree, Jesse. Also, the artwork? Terrible. I'm not loving the prospect of having to go back to this later in order to get a full picture of the continuity between this and Darkhorse's Buffyverse canon.

I don't mean to stir the fires of canon again. This is just my opinion and I fully appreciate the work IDW has done so far and respect fans that have enjoyed the comics. I personally have not, and that's a result of my own understanding of these characters.

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A lot of the issues of Angel, up till now, have had decent plotting but bad dialogue. This one seems to be the opposite; Spike is sounding more in character than he has in months but I just don't see Spike or Angel acting this way. Angel's the type that may punch Spike if he's annoying him, but it seems horribly OOC for him to punch Spike because he's stressed about Connor.
He's stressed about Connor, a teammate just died, Spike is being snarky, and he thought Spike was hiding something about his soul.

Sounds like reason enough to me.
I'm not a big fan of Angel, but using Spike as a literal punching bag does seem to be beneath even him.
I'm with the people who think the characters are horribly not-themselves sounding here. The dialogue doesn't sound like Angel and Spike - it sounds like two generic characters that don't like each other but have to work together. Spike especially. I am a big Angel fan, and I thought AtF was infinitely better than every Season 8 arc put together, but everything IDW has done post-AtF has just seemed really, really off.
The highlight of that was the Spike/Illyria moment. ;) "Stop it, Spike... Please." Aw. I actually liked how Illyria was portrayed in that. She's showing a lot of emotion, but sticking to her off words. Improvement in writing here, for sure. I won't be jumping back into this series until issue 39, but it seems to be leading up to some good finale pieces. Also, cannot wait for Spike and Illyria Series!
I gotta echo the general sentiments about the hit and miss nature of post AtF Angel comics...particularly as I just made myself go back and read Aftermath, which I had dropped two issues in.

I agree with jesse about the plots being ok but the 'voice' being off...something that was so right in AtF has been distinctly lacking.
Illyria said "please"... and it read as being not only sincere, but even a little plaintive? That doesn't sound authentic to Illyria in the least bit. A clipped, vaguely sincere sounding "please", as one might get from a superior in the workplace... yeah, I'd buy that from a newer, more "socialized" Illyria. But Illyria doesn't implore. And, really, neither did Fred.
Ick, ick, ick. I'd love the return of poetic Illyria who talks about ripping out people's spines for their impudence. Illyria is a God-King first and foremost and has been that for millennia. Whatever human influence Fred's memories may temper in Illyria, in whichever room Illyria stands, the God-King will always be the most arrogant and alien individual in the room.

Imploring? No. Just no. Try again.

Please note that calling Illyria poetic doesn't mean she likes to read poetry but that her style of speech is poetic. The character was inspired by Shakespeare readings at Joss' house. If Illyria isn't sounding like she's reciting a sonnet--a very arrogant sonnet--you're doing it wrong.

Sorry to say, I find all the voices off in reading this preview. The story concept is interesting. The execution? No thanks. I was actually hoping this had gotten better, but I'm disappointed.

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Well said, Emmie.

The execution of IDW's post-After the Fall run has been problematic at best, I feel.
Looks interesting but will hold off more judgement than that until I have read more than a teaser.
Is that Dez the team member whose death was referred to?

I was afraid it was Gunn lol
Looks like crap. Typical usage of Spike to make Angel look better,stronger in everyway. I'll continue to pass, hopefully DarkHorse does a better job with Spike.
Vergil's take is definitely not indicative of how the writers or company view the characters. Strange interpretation. I disagree with everyone here, Mariah and David have been doing a great job since #36. Best stuff since "After the Fall."

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