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September 09 2010

Angel's house up for sale. For a mere $7 million, the mansion used for filming Angel's living quarters can be yours!

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, or the Crawford Street Mansion, which was used to film Angel's living quarters in season three.

That's what I was going to say. They sure are having a hard time unloading that place, but I think it's fantastic. It would be owning and taking care of a piece of history. Personally, I think The Magic Castle in Hollywood ought to buy it, move, and be done with it. Think of the parties they could throw!
I thought it belonged to the City, and they were finally restoring it. Guess they decided to unload it instead? Boo.
that would be awesome.. I'd love to own that place.. and maybe open up a detective agency
Wow, I envy the lucky person who gets their hands on this place. One of the coolest locations (sets) used in the series, right next to the cemetary and library.
Such an amazing, significant building. I wish a way could have been found to have a conservancy repair and maintain it, and then allow the public to tour it. I realize that members of the Wright family feel that it was designed as a private home, so that's what it should be. But that would prevent so many admirers from enjoying the privilege of visiting this magnificent creation in person.

Btw, the exterior of the Ennis House was used as Angel's mansion, but another Whedon world connection is that early Firefly promotional photos were taken there. Also, the exterior design of the bar in 'The Train Job' borrowed a bit from the Ennis House... and the architecture totally works in the Firefly 'Verse!

I would soooooooooo live there...
I'm as big of a Buffy fan as anyone (well...maybe not anyone here...), but do we have to keep referring to one of Wright's greatest masterpieces as "Angel's Mansion?" Shouldn't the "epitome of one of America's greatest artists" thing at least come before the "place where David Boreanaz brooded for a couple of seasons?"
If I had that cash, I have to say it, I'd buy a more conventional home (you know, one with a swimming pool, a kart track, hopefully space port; but thats not a dealbreaker).


And I thought Cordelia's home was the haunted one...
Was it just me or, when they filmed the latter half of Buffy Season 2 and all of Season 3, did Angel's house seem to have no windows ? It seemed very open and airy. Not Nice and roomy, but big stone blocks both on the inside and out doesn't seem very cozy (then again, it's in LA, so maybe that's a plus ?).

Also, refresh my memory--when did Angelus, Spike, and Dru move in ? After Giles burned their place down in "Passion", did we not see their new quarters until "I Only Have Eyes For You" ?
but do we have to keep referring to one of Wright's greatest masterpieces as "Angel's Mansion?"

My inner smart ass is emerging (sorry) - It was really Angel's Squat, but it's much nicer to say "Angel's Mansion." :-)
Kris: The interior of Angel's mansion was a set on a soundstage in L.A., not the actual Ennis House. Only exterior establishing shots were used for the mansion. The actual interior of the Ennis House has numerous, gorgeous art glass windows and vaulted ceilings. Also the same intricate concrete blocks on the exterior are obvious all throughout the interior walls and pillars, because that's what the home is made of.

The Angel mansion interior set had big, smooth massive looking blocks. Very castle, fortress-like (apropos for Angel), but quite different than the actual Ennis House itself.

As to how the Ennis House is referred to on this site, of course it's going to be called "Angel's Mansion", this is WHEDONesque not WRIGHTesque! Actually since the interior was never used on Buffy, its kinda hard for me to feel like the house really was Angel's. Exterior establishing shots just ain't enough for me.

So it really would be good to take our Angel glasses off and see this house for what it is, a great work of art. A landmark of design and imagination, and a visionary architectural treasure. Yep, The Ennis House is far more than "Angel's Mansion".

It's the awesome place where the early Firefly promotional shots were done!
This has long been one of my favorite houses and I give a little squee every time I see it on film. According to the Wikipedia, it's been used for:

Although used as a shooting location as early as 1933 (Female), the house first acquired morbid fame providing the exterior facade for the House on Haunted Hill, a 1959 B movie. The 1975 film The Day of the Locust made extensive use of the house as a private residence, but it was in 1982's Blade Runner that the house gained a popularity of its own among moviegoers, even though only the main character's arrival at the motor court was actually shot at the Ennis House. Its exterior also appears as "The Mansion" occupied by Angelus, Spike, and Drusilla in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sections of the cathedral reminiscent interior, especially the elevated dining room and fireplace, have appeared in over a dozen films including The Karate Kid, Part III revealing the view of downtown Los Angeles, Black Rain, The Glimmer Man, The Replacement Killers, Rush Hour substituting for a floor of a Hong Kong skyscraper, and The Thirteenth Floor.

The house has also been used as a location for commercials, fashion magazine shoots and music videos, including 3T's "Why" featuring Michael Jackson. S Club 7's video for the single "Have You Ever" shows the band members living an everyday life in the house.

Impressed by the house, filmmakers either recreated original elements of the Ennis House on sound stage sets or vaguely imitated these as in Predator 2. After shooting the exterior scene on location for Blade Runner the interior of Deckard's apartment was created at Warner Brothers. In the case of The Rocketeer sections of the Ennis House were recreated in detail, including the patterned art glass, on a studio set. The Rocketeer went as far as adding an upper floor. On a smaller scale, tile casts of the block relief ornamentation were used for the Club Silencio doorframe in Mulholland Drive.

A cartoon representation is featured in South Park as the base of a Chinese gang in the episode "Wing", satirizing the popular association of the Ennis House with criminal and/or Asian characters in films.

Just google image it for the's possibly my dream home! I saw it first in House on Haunted Hill and then recognised it in Angel and just want it, even for a weekend to add to my list of random places I crashed in...
So mybe if we pool our cashy goodness together we might be able to afford one brick at a time...? Then have a Whedonesque party...

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