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September 09 2010

The next stage of Dark Horse's Whedonverse comic books. Scott Allie speaks to FEARnet about the Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Serenity and The Cabin in the Woods comic books.

Oh, God, no, they are going to mess with Let the Right One In, which is a perfect movie, and create a prequel for the man who Oskar later replaces. There is no prequel in the book, so this is a licensing arrangement that can only come from the American rights. It's bad enough that they are remaking it all.
Nothing new on the Buffy front but it is always enjoyable to read a Scott A interview.
I say again, "So much for Joss' statement that Dollhouse would not cross over into another medium.".
Attention ! Attention ! Dissent alert, let the ideological hygiene procedure commence.


Haveta say, it still doesn't seem a natural fit with comics to me (though the Epitaph timeline fits better than the present day). Maybe this indicates that Joss hizzownself isn't happy with the way it wrapped up (even 'Dollhouse's most ardent admirers seem to broadly agree the end was a bit rushed) ?
This isn't really about the Dollhouse. The Dollhouse doesn't really exist anymore. /fanwankery

And, I'm not convinced by the Let It In business just yet. The clips just haven't done it for me. I hope it'll be awesome since I have faith in Matt Reeves. If they needed to do a prequel/comic though, that's definitely an interesting angle to take. One I don't think will affect the story in any way.

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Not surprised that he doesn't mention that the author of Let The Right One In (novel and movie) has gone on record as saying the idea of a comics adaptation expanding on his story "stinks" and that he would stop it if he had any legal way of doing so. So much for being respectful to the original, I guess.
Oh wow, really? I wonder if he's just one of those authors that don't see the value of comics...
No, it's that he doesn't want other people to tell the "official" story of what happens to his characters before and after his version of the story. The novel and the movie are ambiguous for a reason.
Ah, so the "Let the Right One In" adaptation isn't official/endorsed by the creator ? Cool, i'll save my pennies in that case (probably wouldn't have bothered anyway, the exchange rate's meant my comics spending has had to drop considerably).
It's bad enough that they are remaking it all.

Honestly I thought the film was good, but it didn't do justice to the book at all either. So if we just take each outting at face value and stop looking at them as remakes, maybe they can just be good films?
I am well pleased with this news of lots of Whedony comics. The others stuff? i give not a rats patoot.
There were parts of the book left out of the film, yes. Indeed, I wrote to Roger Ebert after he wrote a review of the film in which he mentioned the iron bar- which was not in the movie, only the book (you know of which I refer, of course). But the movie is still so good; the remake cannot possibly do it any kind of justice, and the very fact they changed the name indicates a desire to shift away from the movie, to claim the American version as their own. It won't work. Just like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" will and can never be as good as the original with Noomi Rapace. And to see DH use this? In my estimation, bandwagon jumping and nothing more- money to be made. Sad.
The only reason I'm watching Let Me In is to see if Chloe Moretz's performance as Hitgirl was a one-off or not. For me she was the breakout star of Kick-Ass.

Never seen Let The Right One In. Is it worth a blind purchase?
I guess I didn't realize before that they weren't going to start the Season 9 Buffy comics until late 2011. I hope they do some one-shots or others in between!
Yeah, eddy, its worth the purchase. It's a great film, doesn't have much repeat value for me but its a worth addition to your (presumed) collection.

And Chloe Moretz was also pretty good in (500) Days of Summer so I think she'll be here for a good while now. :)
eddy- I am more evangelical about LTROI- I think it is an essential purchase and I have seen it somewhere around 15 times now- I think it comes close to being a perfect movie, and it treats vampires radically different from the camp we see in movies such as Twilight. Eli would eat Edward for a snack, for sure.

(PS. I do like Chloe Moretz, though).
Let Me In was what the novel was published as in the US before the original Let The Right One In movie came out. I presume that, and the fact they are trying to distance themselves from the original movie, is the reason they changed(or kept, depending on how one looks at it) the title.

But yeah, unnecessary remake is unnecessary.
is the film a remake of the film or just another adaptation/interpretation? I think that could make a difference. Plus I would adopt Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl, so if she can get her teeth into this role(overused pun alert!!! MODERATORS!!!) then she may be my favourite child star EVER!

Btw, for reference, I have no maternal instincts and don't really like being around children so she made a huge impression in that role!
So here's the thing I don't get - they keep saying Season Nine is going to be shorter (two years versus four years) but technically with Season Nine encompassing both an Angel and Buffy title, and supposedly a few one shots or mini-series along the way, wouldn't it still equal what we've seen so far for season eight?
Going by what they've said so for, it seems that it'll actually be more comics than what S8 has had. Just in a shorter time period. S9 is meant to be 25 issues long and you would think, or certainly hope, that the Angel title will run concurrent for the same number of issues. So without counting any minis/one-shots they plan to do, it has already overtaken S8's entire run in terms of the number of issues.
I think they are taking up a more traditional comic book format. I don't really know what that means, but it sounds good. I really hope its easy enough to follow, though - IDW's Angel series, for example, is overly complicated for my likings.

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