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September 10 2010

Titan Books feature on the Firefly fan film "Into The Black". A great interview with one of the stars of the film.

Hey, that's me!

Thanks for posting this Simon. We know we've kind of fallen of the radar with some folks, but we just want to make sure people know we're still out there and moving towards getting this thing done.

On the main site are also links to a recent podcast interview we did, as well as a short video clip we did for the Vancouver CSTS screening.
Great interview, Troy! Here's a direct link to the video the ITB crew put together for our 2010 CSTS event. I can't wait to see more. Maybe in time for next year's CSTS??
Oh my dear and fluffy lord, I HOPE it's done in time for next year's CSTS. Heck, I hope episode 2 is done in time for that :)
Oh, I am SO happy. I really thought this was dead. Had a health crash, then a computer crash and lost the website, then never heard anything more about the project. It had looked as if it could shape up into a real thing. Now it looks even better. Everybody go look at the youtube stuff.
Wonder what my username and pword were at

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