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September 10 2010

Fifty-nine & Holding. Harry Groener, a politician who keeps his promises, kicks off his five-dozenth decade today.

Happy Birthday Sir! One of the nicest Big Bads I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
Oh, we're having elections here, and many times I really believe Mayor Wilkins would be better than ower runners.

And he was also a Politician in ST Enterprise (man, that theme song should be perfect for a Faith fan id).

P.S.: Happy BirthDay! :)
Happy Birthday, Harry Groener!
I always smile when I see him something, which is good because he's guest-starred in EVERYTHING so smiles abound.

Happy b-day!
My favourite Buffy big bad. Harry Groener is an amazing actor.
Sorry Harry, you only get to hold onto 59 for 364 days. Every time I watch Mayor Wilkins in action rewatching episodes, I get the chills. Really good stuff.

Very happy birthday to you!
I can't help but liking any character I see him playing.

Seriosuly, in our magik-free world, Richard Wilkins would be my idea of a really good man, since the temptations he gave into wouldn't have existed here.

I really need to get my S-5 HIMYM DVD ordered.

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