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September 10 2010

Caprica returns October 5 at 10PM. Originally planned to return in January, Syfy has decided to air the back half of season 1 of Caprica in the fall instead.

They will be deciding whether to order a second season by November, so ratings growth will be very important!


Super, super, SUPER excited!

Have they already finished filming the episodes? I'm hoping that they know whether or not they'll be picked up for another season before they finish filming... I'd hate for it to end on a cliffhanger. But Syfy seems to love this universe, so maybe they'll give them a chance to close out the story with a miniseries or something. But hopefully they'll get the second season!
Yay! Caprica & Glee on the same night. Friday night for Caprica was always tough for me. Hopefully its move to Tuesday will boost ratings enought to win a 2nd season.
This total BSG virgin loves Caprica.
Oh. I probably should have actually read the link before I made my comment. But I love the show and this half of the season sounds amazing. CAN'T WAIT!
How bad does a show have to do on Syfy to get cancelled? :/ Caprica is darn good compared to a lot of more mainstream shows.
I'm stoked that Caprica is coming back early, but the 1.5 premiere is on the same day of the 1.0 DVD release, which gives newcomers no time to catch up, and fans no time for a re-watch, which I had planned on doing. Now I'm just going to wait for the complete season 1 set, and do my re-watch then.
Syfy is usually pretty good about marathons... maybe they'll have a big premiere campaign where they'll show the beginning of the season the day before or something.
Incredible news. I thought delaying until January was a real death knell for the show. I'm not sure whether bringing it forward is good news in that regard, but I definitely can't wait to see more of this. Hope we get it here in the UK a few days after US screenings, as per the first half.
Visit 'Caprica for season 2' on facebook, and get more information about how to further the cause of another season of Caprica!
Woo hooo!

I'm so cynical and jaded I won't bother speculating what the news might really mean. I'm just excited I won't have to wait as long, yippee! The only show I've been keeping up with weekly is True Blood, which sadly goes on hiatus after Sunday.

I think 1.5 if nothing else will move at a much faster pace and contain more action.

It would be such a shame if SighFi canceled Caprica. They do so little very well, unless cheese is your thing. And nothing wrong with that sometimes... but they could be SO much better than they are.

Hoping for a couple/few seasons of this amazing show.
I think 1.5 if nothing else will move at a much faster pace and contain more action.

I never had a problem with the pace it moved at before. It always felt more like a drama set on a different planet and virtual reality world, rather then your typical sci-fi show that required action and space battles. That different pace was quite refreshing for a sci-fi/fantasy programme.

Not to say a little more speed in the tale would go amiss, but I hope they don't get bloated with the action. Even BSG wasn't much of an action show and that proved capable of maintaining that pace throughout.
I had no problem with the pace, but I thought the filming was a bit awkward for a drama like this, it should have been more Mad Men. The shakey-cam worked for the intimate and claustrophobic proceedings of BSG, but not so much here. Friday Night Lights, somehow, makes it work better. I'm honestly a fan of the show, but the camera-work makes the already cold characters even more so. For dramas to succeed, you need to be able to root for your guys - even if they are dicks. I never really got that while watching Caprica either.

I hope the later episodes make me more connected and I really hope it gets a full second season, because that'll sit nicer next to BSG.
I like the show, I think it has the potential to be better than Battlestar Galactica. Jane and James are a winning combination. Again. So that's me happy as a Whedonverse fan. Though the Harry Potter opening credits need to change though, they just make me giggle.
I watched all of 1.0 on HULU, and am eagerly awaiting more. We don't have cable anymore, so it was a real treat to see my Sci-Fi online. Hopefully they will leave some of 1.0 up online so people can catch on/up for 1.5. Is there more James Marsters or does he have 8 million other irons in the fire now??
SO so happy, i've only seen a few episodes of Caprica so far but i'm really glad its being aired much earlier than January.
I think 1.5 if nothing else will move at a much faster pace and contain more action.

Oh, I really enjoyed 1.0 in terms of pace. It was a nice change of pace from other shows, no doubt. :) It wasn't problematic for me. I just meant based on previews I saw awhile back, I think the narrative will be a little more actiony. Otherwise, I have no idea what to expect of 1.5. I just want to finally see it after this achingly long wait!!
I'm so excited! I really think that Caprica has the potential to be better than BSG.
Omega: You should try The Vampire Diaries, you get the same feel for Ian Somerhalder's Damon that I did for James and Spike. These two actors have made these characters their own and they are both excellent. Plus the show is better than True Blood, IMHO.

So excited that Caprica is coming back early.
SO looking forward to this return! I wish there was something we could do from Aus to help with ratings in the US but I guess we'll see...

Hoping for good news!
rehabber, I have seen Vampire Diaries S1. I watched all episodes over a 3-day period a couple/few months ago. It started out horribly, but really improved a lot. I kept watching after the first couple episodes because honestly, I thought it was so bad it was good. The writers surprised me by really stepping it up and by the end of the season, I thought it was a decent production.

I don't care for it more than True Blood, but I agree completely about Ian/Damon. He's the highlight of the show for me, and his character was the main reason I wanted to keep watching.

I wouldn't mind catching S2 if possible (living in Asia makes it tricky). But in the last year, True Blood and Caprica have been the only shows I made an effort to keep up with weekly. Oh, and Season 6 of Lost. :)

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