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September 10 2010

The "Geek and Gamer Girls" song by Team Unicorn. Featuring Seth Green and Michele Boyd of the The Guild fame. And at least one Whedonverse reference too. Possibly NSFW, just saying.

Bring on the Dancing Vulcans.

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It's okay, but way too much like the "Do You Wanna Date my Avatar" video.

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Loved it! Question: What were the girls dressed up as during the chorus? I recognized Laura Croft but not the others.
I know Michele is Han Solo, but I can't remember the other two.

I didn't like it. I have some strong opinions about it but because I know they are all true geek and gamer girls, and I feel like the intention was good, I'm just not gonna go on and on about it.

I'm a silly fangirl when it comes to Michele, but this one I'll respectfully say I didn't like it. But I'm glad it got some attention and she seems excited about it.

Oh, and while I mostly didn't like it, the Browncoats line was cool, and Katee Sackhoff bits were great.
There was a Blue Sun Corp. shirt. ^^

Didn't Mercedes McNab star in "Hatchet"?
The one on the left looks like it might be from Mortal Kombat or similar. From there it's Laura Croft, The Baroness (from GI Joe), and the most adorkable version of Han Solo I've ever seen.
The one RayHill mentioned as a possible Mortal Kombat villain (and she is a ninja, so good guess) is Psylocke from the X-Men comics. And whoa, I've never seen a real-life Psylocke and...whoa. Same goes for The Baroness, but I didn't notice her until later in the video.

Yeah, the laying in the pile of nerd paraphernalia was reminiscent of Felicia Day/"Codex" writhing in the gold coins in the "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?" music video, but it moreso reminded me of the Mena Suvari-on-the-ceiling-with-rose-petals scenes from American Beauty.

I didn't catch a lot of the lines, will have to re-listen. Sounded like they stuffed a lot in there and I appreciated that they mentioned the Konami code and it flashed on the screen for a half-second (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start--or "L, R, L, R" if we're talking Konami games on the Super Nintendo). Also, this is a take-off on a Katy Perry song and it was...okay. More impressed with completely original stuff like The Guild's "Game On" and "Avatar" songs (and some of Legend of Neil's musical ep--need to catch up on that series' third and final season).
I see what you mean, maxsummers. I think this is the sort of thing that is really intended more for male gamers than female gamers. See, e.g., Video Games and the Female Audience

It's much the same problem that folks in the beer industry experience. They all sit around scratching their heads asking why there aren't more women brewers and beer enthusiasts at the same time that breweries are relying on college-age girls in bikinis to promote their product. The beer may be great, but it's hard to trust a sales pitch that relies less on taste and more on tits.
No pillow fight?

I found the music a bit repetitious myself, but hey, points for putting it out there.
One of the girls were dressed up as Psylocke. Heh.

Katee Sackhoff suddenly appearing surprised me. :O lol
luv4whedon - Heh, ironically you typed "Laura" Croft in comment to an entry right below "It's Joss not JOSH!". Funsies!

It was amusing - I mean it was no "F*ck Me Ray Bradbury", but... few are :).
In my defense, zeitgeist, I'm not much of a gamer (at least not since the NES days). That's my fiance's job. :-)
Has anyone found text of the lyrics? Is it just me that hears,
"we... love Stan Lee.... and Joss created all our favorite shows"
at about 1:31
correction, I just found the lyrics here
(gotta click "Read the full description")
(Team Unicorn - Verse 2)
We, love Stan Lee (Excelsior!)
And Joss created all our favorite shows
We Frag
In our sleep
We will pwn your ass in Halo (Uh-oh)


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"Yuri the Only One for Me" is better.

But this is still really cute. =)
Cute, although wide open to the criticism that maxsummers and BrewBunny have justly leveled at it...

I have to say, Seth and Stan were good sports about this, and since when is Katee a redhead? 'Cause... whoa. I repeat: whoa!
It would have been more effective if they used an original music composition than just parodying an existing one. That's why Do You Want To Date My Avatar and Game On will be more popular.
When Seth Green started rapping, my head was spinning from the awesome. Plus, "We aim to misbehave."

I love it.
While not quite up to the level of a Weird Al Yankovic song parody (but nothing really ever is except another Weird Al song parody ;D), I liked it a lot. Kinda wish they had gotten all the BSG ladies involved or any one of our female BDHs as well, but a redheaded Katee Sackoff is definitely a decent consolation prize.

Plus it's good to see Seth getting the wifey (Clare Grant, the woman dressed as Lara Croft and squirming on the geek merch) involved in his projects...building a healthy marriage through shared interests ;)
I liked it. The girls kinda can't sing, which being a musical theater nerd makes me twitch a little. But Seth's rapping was EPIC.

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