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September 12 2010

Nathan Fillion Clone Contest. Nathan will "think of something, prize-wise."

LunaCatBooks wrote

Watched firefly with Leo, he said, "Now I know why you're dating me, I look like @nathanfillion " I just smiled."

Nathan Fillion replied to LunaCatBooks
"@LunaCatBooks I want to see pics of all my clones out there. Let's have a contest. I'll think of something, prize-wise.

At the Castle panel at Comic Con he was handing out prizes for good questions. Hair & nail clippings, and other oddities. Can't wait to see what he comes up with for this.
AWESOME. I just saw NF's tweet.
I love him! He's so awesome!
If you love him now, you have to see Super.

Tights and hair. Just saying.
I want to see it! I don't know if I could love him more though :)
This is gonna totally show how idiot I am, and how techno savvy I'm not, but how would one enter this contest? Would one just send a link of a picture to him via Twitter? I mean, I won't win, but I do kinda have a perfect picture to enter.
I guess the populace waits for instructions...
Thanks, Tonya J. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious.
I was just kidding. I have no idea what Fillion is up to.

Sending @NathanFillion a link to a picture through Twitter sounds good to me. Probably use the words Nathan Fillion clone pic

Good luck!
Damn, and here's me looking more like Alan Tudyk than Nathan.
ya think I could get Jason Bateman to pose in the Mal costume

bet we'd win
I have a friend who's the closest think after Jason Bateman, I promise. We're making this happen.
Let's just hope that Jason Bateman doesn't enter 'cause it'll be all over after that. :P
Send in the Clones!

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