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September 12 2010

Firefly Blu-ray is's Gold Box Deal of the Day. You can get it for $26.99.

Ordered. I'm so late with getting my Whedon BD's. Last week I ordered Dr. Horrible/Serenity with intention on getting this soon, didn't expect a bargain price so soon though. Awesome!
Is it unregioned? I don't see a region listed, but Fox usually do don't they?
They're region locked, Ivalaine...much like DVDs, various studios and companies would loose out on a lot of shiny coin if there was just one single version for the 4 regions of media.

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Bought! Thanks!
BlueEyedBrigadier, don't offer answers when you don't know what you're talking about. Blu-rays have 3 regions - A, B and C, the places they apply to being:

* Region A includes most North, Central and South American and Southeast Asian countries plus Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.
* Region B includes most European, African and southwest Asian countries plus Australia and New Zealand.
* Region C contains the remaining central and south Asian countries, as well as China and Russia.

Secondly, the Firefly Blu-ray is coded to work on region A and B players. So Ivaline, I'm sure you should be fine as long as you live in one of the above countries listed in A & B.
Oh wow, way to get me scared for a second. Good, it does play on my Region B drives then. Phew.
Break_Atmo, that was rude. Tone it down next time.
*edit* Well...I stand corrected. Somewhat. While BDs apparently don't follow DVD region locking procedures, they are set to work only on a finite number of Blu-Ray players based on where the player was made. So they are region lock/encoded, just in a less-strict format. So while I did give bad info, it wasn't completely pulled out of my pigu.

Still, I apologize to Ivalaine and to Break_Atmo for giving out information without double-checking. It's a bad habit...though the slap-down wasn't my preferred method of being educated.
Sorry, but I was a little peeved. Normally I'd just offer the correction, but in this case Ivaline may have almost missed out on getting this awesome, limited-time deal because of bad info, which is why I was harsher than normal. I'll avoid that in future, Simon. But yes BEB, you're right - Blu-rays do have a region system. The thing is that it's up to the studio whether or not they want to lock their release, and in fact the majority of Blu-rays are region-free. Firefly's status of being coded to A&B but not C is actually very rare, the vast majority of discs or simply either region-free or region-locked. For future reference, this site should be able to assist you in most matters of region-checking released Blu-rays: There are quite a few other sites that offer information on this subject as well that can easily be found with a Google search.
Whoo, got one. Should show up on the 15th, my birthday. Happy birthday to me!
It's hard to hate amazon when they let me have free amazon prime for being a college student and pick up Firefly on bluray for this cheap.
I did miss out. Not because of bad info but because of bad time zoning. Didn't get an answer before bed and not had a chance to get on all day. What a shame too because I just bought my first blu Ray player and I thought firefly should def be one of my first to own. Don't know why amazon didn't list the regioning though. They do for other movies etc.
Ivaline, sorry you missed out. :( Amazon is still using incorrect DVD regions on Blu-rays if they say anything, for some reason they've never updated that little system to the A/B/C Blu-ray region list. Don't worry - the site I listed and others like it are thoroughly reliable, so in the future just use them and you should be fine.

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