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September 12 2010

Buffy Epic Trailer. A must-watch fan trailer.

Since it's been a bit slow around here in the big black, thought I'd post an awesome video that I recently re-watched for a change of pace.

That was a brilliant thing to wake up to!
Ambitious; if they'd done a slightly better job on the sound, it would have been epic indeed.
Great stuff!
It was indeed awesome. I'm glad I paused Michael Giacchino's Star Trek score for this. And that's saying something. Didn't really benefit from the HD, though.
Oh my god! I just found this earlier this morning while surfing Buffy YouTube vids! How Funny! And yes I too thought how amazing it was!
Ah seen this one plenty of times. Still great though.
Here's one I love that sadly has very few views:
Has this been posted before?
Very nicely done.
Wow, that gave me chills. And an urge to watch the show again from start to finish.
I like the one popgoestheshelby recommended much better. Better sound, and a little more than one quick flash of Spike. The first one gives as much time to Spike as it does to Jonathon and Robin Woods.
Oh no! I got sucked into more youtube!
This one rules!

[ edited by Xane on 2010-09-12 17:23 ]
Has this been posted before?

It does seem rather familiar, though, searching back through the archives I don't see anything.
"Has this been posted before?"

No, that's my tribute to the show, but you can't post your own work so... Thank you popgoestheshelby for recommending it. And thank you Xane for the compliments.

Edit : Oh you were probably talking about the "Epic Trailer", and I'm pretty sure it has been posted before.

[ edited by Nico-Angel on 2010-09-12 18:24 ]
That was fantastic! I got all emotional watching it. The sound was a little choppy but the song was a perfect pick.
Only one quibble: I'm not a huge Spike fan but the I can't deny that he played a large role in Buffy's growth, but he only got a cameo in the trailer. Perhaps the next epic trailer...
The stretches marred an otherwise very nice job.
That one made me want to watch the whole series again. Nice job Nico-Angel!
Great "trailer"! When the show starts? Oh, wait... :))
Yeah, it has been posted before.
VERY well done. Just watched it about six times...and now I have an intense urge to sit in my room for a week and just watch Buffy from start to finish.
I second the desire to have a Buffy marathon!
I do realize it's only my opinion...but the two videos mentioned here in the comments are far more epic. The music was so slow in this one, it made every scene feel like it was in slow-mo.
Wow. That was awesome! Thanks Cardea, you've made me want to throw caution to the wind on my day off and spend the whole day on Buffy rewatches...wait, that's not really a big achievement...nevermind.
These trailers were beautiful to watch, thank you for linking them. While they were great, and wonderful energy was spent to produce a very enjoyable outcome, they were an order of magnitude shy of perfect. To sneak up on perfection a trailer will need to, as these have done, capture the intensity and drama; but in addition they will need to do as Joss had done, infuse the story with wonderful levity. That's a tricky thing to do, and tricker to do well. Therein lies part of the josswome.
I spent a large chunk of my day surfing youtube thanks to this thread. I came across one channel that had quite a few neat trailers.

Buffy, seasons one, two, three, four, and five; Angel, seasons one and two; and Angel, the character as a whole.

Just in case any of you are as bored as me and looking for some fun. =D
Great video Nico-Angel, got me into the Buffy spirit again. I feel like Buffy and the academic year just kind of go hand in hand anyway, ha.
Thank you for your comments.

@Xantastic1316 : Those were also posted before, but they really are amazing.
Hmm, I liked the one in the OP best. I am totally being self-controlled about not getting sucked into this at work.
I really like these fan trailers in general though, they always make me slightly emotional.

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