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September 13 2010

First Terriers ep free on iTunes! Get Tim Minear's new pilot for free. Season pass is out too.

What is everyone's reaction to this? Is it good? Should I watch it?
I liked the pilot, thought it had potential.
Pilot was fun, but I'm glad to hear it improves. If the whole series were on that level, I don't think I'd stick around for too long. But it was enjoyable enough.
Its also free on Amazon Video, where it can be streamed if you don't feel like downloading from iTunes.
I don't think Tim actually had anything to do with the pilot (ie I can't find him in the opening credits)

It's fun.
You're correct, he wasn't brought on until after the pilot. I'm dying to see his first episode, by the way. It's been too long since Tim TV.
I wanted to like it, but it really wasn't interesting or original enough to make me want to watch, based on the pilot. Though everyone was perfectly competent, the whole thing was just unremarkable. You can't come up with much that's new anymore, but there was nothing that I didn't think, wow, I've seen this a hundred times before, whether it was characters, plot developments, or dialogue. Maybe Tim can add a fresh take - because it definitely needs it.
I wasn't blown away by the pilot either (although very few pilots are able to do that). I hear that the show gets much tighter, darker, and more serialized as it goes on. If you have room in your schedule for this one, I'd jump on now. It's gonna be a good ride.
I'm going to buck the trend and say I really liked the pilot. Acting, cinematography, definition of the main characters, fleshing out the overall arc of the show, even the music choices -- I thought they were all well done. Tim says subsequent episodes have "his fingerprints all over them." So if it gets even better from here, I'm all in.
Also wasn't bowled over by the pilot though i'm more than happy to give it a chance, both leads are worth watching (though I didn't think their chemistry was stellar out of the gate, there's something there at least) and added to that private detective shows aren't all that common anymore (it's fun to watch characters have to hustle for a living a bit using various tricks and semi-cons a la Rockford and much as I like .
Also free to stream or download on Xbox Zune :)
I gave it a thumbs up and I am very critical on every show that is not a Joss show.
Shawn Ryan is the showrunner for it who wrote for Angel.
Everything about the pilot was clichéd and unoriginal. And the fight scene in the parking lot was just bad. But Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear have earned the right for a little patience to get things going, at least for me. And by all accounts it gets better.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Donal Logue. After seeing him in other things, most recently Life, I was impressed with his work in this. He's doing something new here, for him anyway. Something I hadn't seen before.

I was rather entertained, and have high expectations for what will happen when Tim's fingerprints start to show up.
I enjoyed the back-and-forth a lot, and I think this show and Human Target (thankfully returning for a second season) are going to be the two shows I look forward to watching week-to-week this season, in the sense that they're fun and not too heavy or heavy-handed or tired. (I still watch Chuck, but out of some strange sense of obligation, not because after watching one ep I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT.)

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