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September 14 2010

Dollhouse Season 2 DVD has an Easter Egg. What it is, well we'll just have to wait and see. In related news, has a Season 2 DVD trailer on their website.

A 1 minute 40 second Easter Egg. Let the guesses begin! All of Alpha's personalities on display one at a time, perhaps?
I was wondering if it's the April Fool's footage that Fox pulled due it being very spoilerish.
I bet it's Season Three.
Extended scenes of Enver's dance moves.
Ohh, I always guess these wrong. Adelle finding a wonder spa? Perhaps Topher discovering he's a doll as well?

Joss, you must give us a tiny, tinny bit of a hint.
Just as long as you show us how to find the Easter egg (I'm assuming it's hidden?), because I totally suck with finding these things.

I hope it's a clip of Enver doing all the primary and secondary characters in the show.

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Well it only says Eliza in the that just the way it works or can we assume that she's gonna call me and gossi out to be her besties?! it's probable...
1 minute 40 is the perfect length for a behind the scenes exposť on the safe-cracker boots in their own words. If it's not that I have no idea.
Eliza plays a character in firefly?
Only in season 3 (she's a safe-cracker with 'verse renowned sp-boots).
The Post-Apocalyptic Adventures of Laurence Dominic. What do you mean, no?
csi_spy: :)
Come next pay day, I was going to order a boxset of a TV series I hadn't seen before (I have a list of things and not decided which one yet.) Then I remembered that Dollhouse was coming out quite soon and thought I probably shouldn't get both, so decided to hold off on getting Dollhouse for a little while. I now am presented with a link to's Dollhouse season 2 page. I'm £14.99 lighter now. Thanks Whedonesque!

And oh, Easter Egg! An extra 1 min 40 of Eliza? Sounds pretty good to me. Not as good as the whole extra episode we got in the first (or two if you were in the US,) but it's something.

Edit: Is there any word on other special features yet? I found the first season a little lacking in that regard, particularly when it came to commentaries.

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If I wasn't convinced before (I was), I am now. Fo' Sho.
Yes Vandelay, the special features were announced. There's 2 commentaries on the DVD ("Vows" by Joss and "Belonging" by Jed and Mo), and a bonus commentary on the Blu-ray by Tim Minear on "Getting Closer". There's also a gag reel, deleted scenes, round table discussion, and if you preorder like you just have... you get an 'Epitaphs' comic book written by Jed and Mo!
Sounds kind of like the first season then, with not that much (although, I do like the sound of a round table discussion.) I always love the Joss commentaries from his other series, but I suppose he didn't direct that many episodes of Dollhouse. Vows wasn't particularly my favourite episode either, but maybe he will take the opportunity to say some interesting things about the season/series as a whole.

Bonus comic sounds like a nice extra. Just hope that gets released internationally (Wikipedia says no, but they have been known to be wrong, once in awhile.)
(Wikipedia says no, but they have been known to be wrong, once in awhile.)

I don't believe it ! [/meldrew]

Is that fairly certain then, that the comic doesn't come with the R2 DVD ? Cos I may get the R1 if so, even though it's an extra tenner (probably also from though, they have the very welcome habit of posting R1 DVDs to the UK a few days in advance - previously i've had international DVDs from them before folk in the US).

ETA: Actually, thinking about it, does it come with ALL R1 copies or do you have to order it from somewhere specific (neither Play nor mention a comic that I can see) ?

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I was kinda holding onto hope that the comic would be released separately somewhere. Hmm...
Yeah, it probably will at some point and ten quid's not cheap for a comic, has to be said (particualrly once that's presumably not even full size). But there's the off chance it won't (or it may take years). Decisions decisions.

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