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September 14 2010

Which Whedonverse alum do you want following you on Twitter? Auction to raise money for Whedonverse actors available to bid for: Alyson Hannigan, Felicia Day, Jewel Staite, Julie Benz, Eliza Dushku, Nathan Fillion and Christopher Gorham.

Alyson has also promised to call the person who wins the auction for her... and it now appears that she has also thrown Alexis into the phone call prize pot. The Auction starts soon. Happy Bidding.

Nathan Fillion and Christopher Gorham are also in there. :)
I didn't see them I'll add them to the tags
ELIZA please...but really, its odd that this is the kind of thing we bid on now, fake online friendships with famous people, strange.
Hmm, considering I almost never post anything except responses to the celebs I already follow (Emma actually posted back to me once, and I apologized immediately) there's nothing of me to Follow.
Miracle Laurie and Emma Caulfield also offered to sign up - but they aren't on the official list, so I'm not sure if they're in or out.
I know I'm sad, but it has to be Nathan Fillion. Captain, oh my captain ...
What a cute idea! Can I haz Sean plz?
I'll bid on Nathan but I'll be out after my limit is exceeded. Great idea for charity donations.
Jewel has now thrown in a phone call as well,
I Love My Captain
Never even got to bid on Nathan - by the time I got there, the bid was over $1,000. So I bid on Michael Chiklis instead, who I really like. At the very least, I jacked his bid up for when I'm overbid.
Eliza's going for the phone call as well
Oh Aly! You're breaking my heart with all these extras you're throwing in. Why am I poor? Why?:


@Ltl_Firecracker: @alydenisof what about a phone call with Alexis, or other Whedonverse people to sweeten the deal? :P SOLD! Alexis it is! 3 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

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