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September 14 2010

Which Vampire Hookup is Hottest? Options include parings from "True Blood", "The Vampire Diaries", "Buffy", and "Twilight".

My vote: "Vamp Willow and Willow"

Vamp Willow: "I kinda like the idea of the two of us. We could be quite a team, if you came around to my way of thinking."
Willow: "Would that mean we'd have to snuggle?"
Vamp Willow: "Whatduhya say? Wanna be bad?"
Willow: "This just can't get more disturbing! Ack! Ugh! No more! You're really starting to freak me out!"

Theirs was a forbidden love.

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What about the threesome of Vampire Willow, Vampire Xander, and Cordelia?
Semi-seriously, Angel could have gotten a couple more spots on that list. There's Angel and Cordelia in "Waiting in the Wings", and Angel and Eve in "Life of the Party."

"I've had sex under mystical influence before. I went to UC Santa Cruz."
Don't forget Angel/Nina.

Oh and Spike/Harmony.

Though my vote would probably go vamp!Willow/Willow if they had actually hooked up.

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Buffy/Spike for me, followed closely by anything involving Vamp Willow.

Props for remembering that hilarious UC Santa Cruz line, MissKittysMom.
Werewolf Nina and puppet Angel! ROWR!
As my ex-wife's boyfriend used to say, "Same soup warmed over." :-)
Shippers unite and whoop the Twihards! LOL!
Anything involving Eve... ewwww. And Spike and Harmony were a joke, except for that panther-crawl... RAWR!
I loved Vamp Willow!!!
I think actual hookup, Spike/Buffy. It was so surprising when it started and got REALLY hot!
I liked how after he came back in season 7 she remarked at least he was showering now...
Why with the Eve ewwness? Sarah Thompson is gorgeous.
Re: Sara T - her looks are OK but chemistry was sorely lacking IMO.
Darla/Dru, though I had to use my imagination for that one. A lot.
Spike was cruel to Harmony, but they looked hot together.

I'm shallow, I know.
Happy to see Spike/Buffy is second only to Edward/Bella in the poll (and second to none in reality!) Other vampire hookups I enjoyed in the Whedonverse were Angel/Darla, Lindsey/Darla and Spike/Harmony/Charlize. ;)
They forgot the sleeper couple of Jessica and Hoyt on 'True Blood'.
Yep, I think Hoyt and Jessica are very hot.

Eve always struck me as looking like she was 12 (which I guess is the point - rotten innocence: only found at Wolfram & Hart). Which makes Cordelia's line (saw this episode on TNT again in re-runs recently) even more of a howler:

"So you two are groin buddies? And I thought Darla was rock bottom."
patxshand-Sarah Thompson is a gorgeous and talented lady but she was horribly miscast as Eve. She has this aura about her that exudes goodness. It didn't work for the role.
Sarah Thompson is cute, but she was not sexy in Angel. Not even while stripping. It was especially noticable since she took Lilah's place in the show, who oozed sexy. JMO.
People have gotta just be voting Twilight because they like it. There's no hot hook-up on screen yet!
Well, Buffy/Spike WERE hot, but Vampire Eric/Sookie ARE hot! Haven't seen all of Twilight but there has been no hotness so far, it's all been a bit twee. Now if you're talking Twilight and hotness, just need to say "Jacob" (pause for a moment of deep reflection ....) but we're not talking about werewolves, so I'll go and think of Jacob elsewhere.
How am I supposed to choose between Buffy/Spike and Eric/Sookie??? That poll is just cruel! And, seriously, how is Twilight winning?
I think Buffy/Spike had way more chemistry than Eric/Sookie.
Agree Agree Agree.
Nothing about 'sexy pics' and Edward/Bella kissing should go together. Ever.
Well, if you break it down by shows, the combined Buffy pairs are in the lead with about 40%, so that's how I'm looking at it.
eric/sookie, no question.
Woah, can't believe the Eve dislikeage. Didn't know so many people disapproved. I thought she was amazing.
They're still doing this. Buffy and Spike are now only a little more than one percentage point behind Edward and Bella (33.74%/34.74%).

Which is pretty amazing, when you consider the time passed and the heavy teen traffic for whatshername and the sparkly one. ;-)
I seem to be the only one still following this, but Buffy and Spike are now in the lead, by more that a full % point over E&B.
Yay staying power of the Buffyverse! :-)

And yay for the grownups ;)

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