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September 14 2010

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch talks about his upcoming Spike mini-series. "I'm looking at this as what would happen if Spike headlined his own TV show."

He handles things differently, he's got a great, dark sense of humor about most situations, but above and beyond all that, he leads with his heart. He's emotional, and that can either pay off great for him, or blow up in his face.

I love that Brian has such a great understanding of the character of Spike. Very much looking forward to this.

This includes some faces that 'Angel' fans haven't seen before, and a few they have. Definitely one in particular that fans have been chomping at the bit to see reunited with Spike.

Could that possibly be Dru? I feel like I've heard that be talked about. Because that would be fantastic!

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Regarding Dru-
Great interview.Looking forward to the first issue.
Brian is 'the man', can't wait to read this.
I agree with Giles_314. Brian's understanding of Spike's character, the emotional aspect of Spike, makes me very happy!
As well as this:
"As it's Spike's show this time, all the supporting cast are there to service his story. He's not off on the side, making a pithy joke about the main character's plan or problem, he's front and center, making the plan, driving all the action - and then making a pithy joke."
More happy!
I can't wait!
But: sad, because it's all going to be over. :(

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This is the next Lynch/Urru Spike series since Spike: After the Fall, right? Just want to make sure I didn't miss one...
WOw, it's been ages since I've seen Buffy. I thought "hey, that's an interesting set of characters to put together" then I finally remembered Spike and Willow were on Buffy together for three and a half years. And one of the only interactions coming to mind between them was when he maybe attacked her in high school.

And it sounds fun getting to do Vegas again too, I thought the Angel episode was rather impressively big budget looking. And there was that early DH Buffy comic that was kind of dumb fun. (a set of half-vampire male and female conjoined twins which I'm pretty sure can't exist?)

Speaking of this being the Spike show, I've seen merchandise actually have a proper Spike logo ala Buffy or Angel. Is this the same one I must have seen back in the day on an all Spike calendar?
I'm just glad we finally have an IDW book coming out that promises to actually be good and have a handle on the characters - something I won't have to worry about and can actually feel excited about. The fact it's another Lynch/Urru teamup is just icing on the cake.
Looking forward to this series.
Just wish it could go more than 8 issues, but hey it's Spike and I am grateful for all the Spike I can get!
Thank you Brian.

I think I asked this before, but does anyone know if IDW will offer this series as a subscription or just as single issues for sale?
I like it when it's a subscription since you save on shipping and you also feel secure that you will get your issue as released.
@orangewaxlion: No, I just googled 'Spike calendar' -- I remember this logo back in the day, too. IDW uses the 'Angel' typeface and writes the word 'Spike'; partially, I suppose, because it indicates it being an 'Angel' spin-off and under the 'Angel' license, I guess. I would imagine the other 'Spike' logo is independently owned by 20C Fox merchandising.
orangewaxlion I've only ever seen a different Spike logo used for the official thong (and t-shirt?).
Why am I not surprised that that exists?
Brian Lynch really knows/understands Spike and is able to tell an exciting, and funny, story in a really lean clean comic book style. I am REALLY looking forward to this series!
Wow, I was not aware a Spike thong would ever be a thing that existed.

And yeah, I ended up looking up the Spike calendar which came out at least once in 2004 but there may have been others. (It's sort of a hard selection of words to look up.)

It does seem like they all go a bit literal with the spike imagery for around the I (rather jarring with the Angel style font) even if he's never been shown on screen as particularly affiliated with them.

The trademark/ogo matter confuses me a bit though. Sort of like how those re-issued Buffy novel collections are still licensed and okay by 20th Century, but it seems like it would serve everyone best if they were allowed to use consistent imagery to bump up brand consciousness?
Seriously can't wait for this!

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