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September 15 2010

New Jewel Staite blog over at Blastr. In which Jewel divulges how she would have ended Firefly and promotes drinking while watching her act.

Now I'm sitting here debating whether I prefer Jewel's version or Gina Torres' version of how Firefly ended...and am hit with the sudden urge to write some fanfiction. xP
It does sound pretty shiny. Dare I ask what Gina Torres' version involved?
From an interview where Gina said:

PW: What about Zoe -- where is she now that Wash has died?

Gina: I will tell you my fantasy: Zoe was pregnant when all that went down [her husband died] and sheís got this little beige, curly red headed baby running around the ship. Jayneís trying to teach him about Vera [laughs] and he and I fight because I think the kid should learn about guns from me. Kaylie & Simon are very happy. Itís a better-verse. And Mal, well, Malís still just a little twisted. His communication skills have not improved. But heís a good uncle Mal and I just think weíre all still flying. Iím by his side. Thatís Zoe.

Q: How would YOU have wanted Firefly to end?
A: Well, I wouldn't have, now would I?

Fabulous answer.
Jewel is awesome.

That is all.
Ok. Both of those versions and unspeakably awesome.

More Firefly please? :(
I laughed at how she would have ended Firefly.

"And she promptly punches him in the face."

*snort* awesome.
I was browsing Blastr a couple of days ago, mainly looking to see the [assumed] posts of hers. I was disappointed to see she hadn't posted since her initial thing. So, yay! More Jewel writing!
Yeah, Jewel's answer is funny. But Gina's is a lot more real. If you can call it that, considering we're talking about a fictional universe AND this part of the story won't even be produced. Sigh...

But yay, more Jewel is always good! I love her.
I really like the idea of River flying her own ship. For some reason the idea of another ship featuring prominently in future seasons never even occurred to me.

I love the idea of River with her own ship and her own crew. She doesn't have to have all her marbles, just be sane enough to be on her own.
When is tube top for a rehearsal of anything ever a good idea? Trouble, i tell you. Friction alone is not reliable enough.
Heh, I'm trying but I really can't imagine Jayne pregnant, and not just because he's a dude.

Jewel's unspeakably cute. I'm one of those people who makes lists of restaurants they wanna visit too (or clips out the articles/reviews from the paper).

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Has to be official by now, Jewel Staite is one funny human. And yay to the regular thing, i'll happily read these into my dotage.

(also love the idea of the world's simplest TV/film drinking game - "OK, Jewel's on again, drink !" ;)

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