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September 15 2010

(SPOILER) Preview and Story about Zack Whedon's upcoming Terminator 1984 Series. It's an interview at USA Today.

Looks totally BA, I'm excited! Plus it being 1984 which is when I was born and it's my birthday today! It's kismet I tell ya! :)
Thanks for posting this. 2029 was intriguing, and I'm definitely interested in seeing Zack's spin on a classic. Kinda wondering how many of these miniseries things they're going to do...
It's Zack btw, I fixed it for you.
Looks good. I enjoyed 2029 and will make sure to pick this up. The first film was my favourite and I really like how Zack develops the tone and feel of that film in these comics.
Thanks Simon, I work with someone named Zach and I had them on the brain....
Enjoyed the preview pages. Might pick it up.

Who would win in a fight: Zack or Joss?
(or is that blasphemey? ;-)

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