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September 16 2010

Joss Whedon - "I think of myself as a writer, first and foremost". Excellent interview recorded at his recent appearance at the Sydney Opera House. If you're interested in writing, it's a must-see. You also get to hear Joss' Agent Smith impersonation.

Loved it! No surprise to me that Joss thinks of himself as a writer, first and foremost. And no surprise that his idea of an excellent script has more to do with the writer caring about the characters and the story, than about technical perfection.

Thanks Simon
As always, what a great interview. I'm actually studying screenwriting in Sydney!
Oh that is an excellent interview. I love Joss.
My favorite Joss interviews are those that focus on writing. This is a nice one. Thanks, Simon, for posting it. (And, yes, it's worth it just for the Agent Smith impersonation alone.)
I think WE ALL think of Joss first and foremost as a writer, lol. The best writer, in fact. I always love to hear what Joss has to say, thank you for sharing this.
When I watch Joss speak about writing I come to it unlike I watch anything else. Watch the verb spelling, please; dreadful important. The point is, before quippy took root, that, I suppose I watch most things with a critical filter but with Joss...he's like a teacher I completely trust.
I've always loved Joss's writing the most. I think he is quite a good director, but I always get extra excited when he is the writer. He has this way of pulling me in and is almost unrivaled (to me) in creating characters that are both extremely believable and extremely interesting.

I liked the interview, but did the Once More With Feeling music seem a little odd to anyone else? It just really didn't seem to fit to me.
It was kinda inappropriately ominous. If I were them i'd probably reserve that for interviews with serial killers and/or Dracula.

And yep, I also consider himself a writer first and foremost. Joss has a lot of talents but (to borrow a paraphrase) writing film and TV is his first, best destiny. Anything else would be a waste of materiel ;).
This part: "It's finding the thing that is both surprising and inevitable. It's finding the moment where everything turns on something you haven't thought of, but that absolutely has been earned..."

YES! There is nothing that feels better. *pause* Okay. Almost nothing. ; )

The music was a little bit trepidatious/faerie tale in the woods sounding. Definitely some kind of thing that involves magic. Or possibly evil clowns.

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