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September 16 2010

Alyson Hannigan's Lily Aldrin is the 4th hottest teacher on TV According to BuddyTV.

Well, that seems a bit odd...seeing as she's the #1 hottest woman in the world. This list does not compute with my world-view.
I take it supremely hot librarians don't count (Giles *SIGH*)? Anyway, Aly should have been higher!
Where is the Robia LaMorte love? Jenny Calendar was smokin'.
Yeah, I'd probably put her at number one.
The rest of the list seems irrelevant after that.
I'm glad Patrick Fabian made the list for SBtB: The College Years, but what about Mr. Turner in Boy Meets World?

What's that? I'm the only one still obsessed by the nineties' sitcoms of my youth? That's cool.

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