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September 16 2010

Ask Nathan Fillion a question for Good Morning America. He'll be on this morning's show. If you twitter and know what the weather is like in NY, Nathan is asking how he should pack. ETA Watch the interview here.

I LOVE Nathan Fillion and all...I even met him at a Serenity screening near Sacramento...woo me!... but I question if his every "Tweet" (God, I hate that word) is worthy of Whedonesque posting.

No offense at all to "Anonymous1," but, lots of celebrities "Tweet" (ugggh) and it's not exactly news-worthy or relevant.

Where do we draw the line? I am honestly open for opinions on this, 'cuz I've seen a lot of it lately.
Sorry, didn't think people might think the posting was about his tweet about going to NY...instead of being about getting your Nathan Fillion questions answered on GMA.

I moved the tweet part to the exdended description.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2010-09-17 04:52 ]
I thought it was a funny tweet because it was his way of telling people he is going to NY and the way he did it might make a person wonder why he is going to NY. He has an iphone and ipad...he can look up the weather in NY for himself without asking anyone. But he didn't do that.

[ edited by Anonymous1 on 2010-09-17 05:01 ]
I wonder if anyone warned him he's heading into tornado country....
Good thing he wasn't there today when they had a tornado.
Hope we get to find out what kind of sandwich he has for lunch; twitter sure is a godsend.
You can watch the GMA interview here.
Thanks for that link BrewBunny, I'll add that to the entry.
You're welcome, Simon. And thanks to Anonymous1 for the tip about his the appearance. :-) Would have missed it otherwise.
Thanks Simon and BrewBunny. And also thanks whichever Admin modified the front page part to make it clearer what was going on.
Hey Anonymous1: I think I misunderstood the content of the Tweet. I'm glad that your post could help people to see Nathan!

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