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September 17 2010

Film sequels that never happened. Serenity 2. Alas.

Wow, great read!
Hey, yeah, Smidge is even more suited now to play a scientist than she was "X" years ago, so how about that Back to the Future 4?
Though for the sake of Whe-historicalness, the second Buffy movie that Joss was on board for in 1998 should get a mention here.
And add to that the fact that the Shepherd Book graphic novel will already deal with his backstory, I'm supposing that wouldn't be filmed anymore even if a movie ended up getting made.
I imagine that if (when?) Serenity 2 is made it will have to deal with the time that has past (and hopefully the crew learning that Wash had a clone alive and well somewhere?).
They spent a lot of time discussing sequels that I am glad were never made, but it still breaks my heart that we haven't gotten Serenity 2.
Woah - whatever happened to all those projects in Simon's Variety link? Grampire, Alienated, Cheap Shots?

Also, Joss and Jason Segel must teamup and revive this Dracula Musical concept. I demand it.
Joss and Jason Segel... match made in heaven. Why Joss hasn't worked with the Apatow crew, I'm not sure. It'd be a wonderful fit. That crew makes his kind of creative, character-driven, clever, and human films. Though, he'd have to get over his sticking to the script thing. Some of their best stuff comes from improv.
Woah - whatever happened to all those projects in Simon's Variety link? Grampire, Alienated, Cheap Shots?

I have always wondered about that article. Am I correct in believing that it was the only time these "projects" have ever been mentioned? I would love for someone to ask Joss about them sometime. Most likely they all went into development hell and died a slow, painful death. But a Joss-penned "animated Dracula musical" sounds like a complete no-brainer to me.

ETA: Well I guess this could be the reason why Grampire was never made. :/

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I had never heard of "Alienated" or "Cheap Shots," or this proposed BtVS film. But I was only starting to use the Internet back in 1998. I do remember reading about "Dracula" and "Grampire," and was vastly disappointed when "Dracula" never ended up happening due to the box office failure of "Titan A.E.," which led to Twentieth Century Fox shutting down its animation department after making only two films.
Matt7325 patxhand: I've only seen Jason in HIMYM. Do you recommend his movies? (Are there any films from the 70s or 80s you can compare them to? I don't know much about recent comedies *blush.)
Not really sure about comparing them to those kinds of films. I guess his stuff is a dirtier take on a John Hughes type of film, but any comparison doesn't do justice to Segel and the Apatow crowd. Watch "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Segel wrote and starred in that. He's brilliant.
Of course I mourn Serenity II. (Although I mourn the missing seasons of Firefly more.)

But I've been awaiting Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League for so many years....
I sometimes wonder how Shyamalan's career would've gone if he'd gotten to make his Unbreakable trilogy like he originally wanted. I guess he probably would've ended up in the same place, just through a longer and twistier path, but I dunno.
Joel Silver wanted to retain Arnold Schwarzenegger’s services and do a sequel to the 1985 action hit. Schwarzenegger, swiftly becoming a big star by that point, decided not to reprise arm-canoned John Matrix. Silver had much of ''Commando'' rewritten and changed it’s title to ''Die Hard'' - yes, that ''Die Hard''! (And yep, Schwarzenegger still knocked it back!)

Hmm, I smell something and it ain't napalm in the morning ;). "Die Hard" isn't in any way a rehashed "Commando" sequel UNLESS the "Commando" sequel was originally based on "Nothing Lasts Forever" by Roderick Thorp. I've read it and though there're differences, it's very clearly the book "Die Hard" was based on (and is credited as such).

This is one of those times where you see a lot of claims that you know nothing about but that sound plausible and so believe them and then you see a claim you know a bit about that's patently false and casts the veracity of the rest of the claims into doubt. Get it all the time with newspapers.

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