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September 17 2010

Harry Lennix is "Mr. Sophistication"; Danny Green directs. One of Danny and Harry's current film projects that is in post-production; I could not find release information beyond '2010'.

The cast and crew members from the Whedonverse who are involved with this project include Danny Green and Monique Gabriela Curnen (AtS), Gina Torres (AtS, Firefly, Serenity), Shawna Trpcic (Dr. Horrible), Harry Lennix and Rick Fox (Dollhouse), and Richard Brooks (Firefly).

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Harry Lennix was talking about preparing this project in interviews during Season Two of "Dollhouse," so it seems like it was made some time this year.
I could have sworn we'd done this earlier this year, of even 2009, but apparently not. I guess I'm just remembering me tweeting about it several times.
Well, if anyone can find information on its release date, I for one would be appreciative!
The other Whedonverse connection is that Shawna Trpcic did the costumes.
I've added Shawna Trpcic to the link.

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