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September 17 2010

Buffy makes EW's list of 10 shows that Changed TV since '90. "It kick-started the vampire craze in 1997, and became the model for cult shows whose influence exceeds their ratings."

Hah. The last part of that quote pretty much sums up all of my favorite shows.

Note how many of those shows are genre (and maybe more importantly, genre-bending/re-combining): Buffy, X-Files, Twin Peaks, Lost.

Among the other shows on the list, two changed TV enormously for the worse. I won't say which two...
I'm surprised no premium cable show, specifically The Sopranos, is on the list.
The Sopranos and The Wire are mentioned in the X-Files blurb.
Still, that's not good enough. The Sopranos deserves its own slot for how it transformed premium cable. It's certainly more important to the development of the medium than, for example, Lost.

The Wire, while arguably a better show the Sopranos (and inarguably phenomenal), probably ought not to make this particular list because it didn't really "change" TV. Instead, it capitalized on what shows like Buffy and the Sopranos did to produce one of the finest shows of all time.
Nice to see Freaks & Geeks on the list, although I doubt how much it really changed anything, except to launch some careers.

The possibility that Firefly will eventually be remembered in the same vein is somewhat depressing.

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