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"People were fighting on me"
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September 17 2010

A song for Drusilla. Karuna Tanahashi sings "Wherefore Art Thou Juliet?". And it's rather fab.

She's also sung a Spike song.

I'm IS rather fab.
Wherever she is in the Whedonverse, I think Dru just heard a birdy singing her name.
I think that's Juliet Landau commenting on it in one of the older comments.
Ok, the twist in the middle was hilarious. Nicely done.
I totaly understand her. Great song. And she is also very cute :)
Thanks a heapload to everyone who gave my videos some love. If you'd like to know more, check out my blog -- Tales of a Reluctant Fan Girl -- at:

Also, stay tuned for the next song, "Ooh, Mr. Mayor."

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