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September 17 2010

This weekend's CSTS Charity events. There's screenings in Melbourne VIC Australia, Phoenix AZ, Salem & Cambridge MA and NYC area. Also there is the 3rd Annual Browncoats Backwoods Bash in Southern Indiana.

I'll be there at the one in Phoenix, which is actually in Tempe. We are cohosting with the Arizona Corsairs. So appropriate since it is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day". We're showing "Ice Pirates" along with Serenity. And we will have belly dancers too.

Browncoats, Pirates and belly dancers! Oh my. You wish you could be here.

It was awesome! I won a plethora of action figures from Serenity and the Buffy world. Sweet. But the best thing is I donated a Jewel Staite signed parasol I got from her at Dark Con a few years back. And my best friend won it and gave it back to me. It was meant to be mine.

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