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September 17 2010

Christina Hendricks cast as Lois Lane in All-Star Superman. This Spring release will constitute her first animated work.

Oooh, I didn't even know they were going to do this. That's sort of fantastic! (Plus I've just gotten the impression DC's animated movies seem a lot more detailed and slick compared to the Marvel ones, as much as I prefer the latter's comics)

Curious who Linda C's playing though, as the other female relatively big name they have involved. (Maybe that one Luthor sidekick?)
They are.The DC Animated movies are great.All Star Superman is one of the best Superman stories ever written so I'm really excited to see it adapted.

They are also doing a Batman Year One animated movie next year too.
I wonder if they'll ever do Dark Knight Returns. And how many Whedonverse actors have now appeared in DC animated shows or movies?
So glad Christina's had so much success. She has a super-cute voice too...great for animation.
I've been wanting to read this story for ages, and I'll no doubt still read it but I'm totally buying this on day one or two. DC films look pretty awesome on BD.
Yep, the DCAU is way ahead of the Marvel animated stuff IMO. I'm looking forward to 'Batman: Year One' more just cuz it's 'Batman: Year One' but 'All Star Superman' is a pretty amazing bit of work and if they do it justice it could be very cool.

Glad to hear that we'll be hearing Christina's dulcet tones, her voice is just as attractive as the rest of her.

And how many Whedonverse actors have now appeared in DC animated shows or movies?

Nathan Fillion
Gina Torres
Amy Acker
Alexis Denisof
David Boreanaz
James Marsters
Adam Baldwin
Juliet Landau
Morena Baccarin
Neil Patrick Harris
Armin Shimerman
Daniel Dae Kim
Summer Glau (shortly)

Anymore for anymore (for me one glaring omission is Eliza Dushku, mainly because she's got an amazing voice) ?

Also, one of the more surprising things I ever learned about Hollywood is that Anthony LaPaglia is Australian. Just wanted to share that ;).
Anymore for anymore

Michelle Trachtenberg, she was in a Jonah Hex animated short. Dunno why I know that. That's an impressive list of actors that the WB got for their animated shows and movies.
Haven't seen that I don't think Simon, any good ? And yep, I dunno whether they deliberately "targetted" Whedonverse actors because they knew they might attract some interest or whether they got the roles purely because they're good at their job but either way, win win for everyone.
They go after "cult" actors in general, I think. Smallville and Supernatural actors are also in the mix.
I'm hoping this "Superman" is a good one. Can't think of anyone better than Christina to play "Lois".

I've always had a weakness for redheads.
Andrea Romano keeping with tradition and including a whedonverse actor in these DC Animation productions.
One of the most fun moments was having Amy, Gina and Morena in a single Justice League Unlimited episode.
If there's an area in which DC is faring better than marvel is in the animation department.

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