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September 18 2010

Video of Rue's "It's My Party" photoshoot featuring Enver Gjokaj. And you can see the pics of him in the magazine by clicking here (he's on pages 143 and 144).

I'm glad to see Enver anywhere. That and I want him in my parties too.
Further evidence that he's a chameleon.
So Enver socially knows one of the creators of Glee, they've already had Joss as a guest director, and MoTan knows Other Asian.

...I guess my hopes for a Dollhouse/Glee crossover are completely kaput now, but I'd still like to see Enver to turn up on Glee (as a relative of Matthew Morrison's character? they do have vaguely similar hair I seem to remember).

Also, after skimming some pages I still have no idea exactly what Rue magazine is. Sort of an interior decoration/urbane entertaining mag? Is it also a sort of regional thing? (I can't figure out if it's LA, NY, or DC given some of the ads.)
Shindig is not Yiddish; there's no "c" in it.

Odd life, being an actor.
Also, after skimming some pages I still have no idea exactly what Rue magazine is.

I'd say Rue is a "hip" lifestyle magazine that combines a NY aesthetic with LA glam and tosses in a big London influence. Large emphasis on the "hip" part.


I'm interested in the development of websites and thought the clickable hyperlinks to things like Enver's IMDB page and a place to purchase the wallpaper in the background was kind of cool. Although, I'm still waiting for these shelter/lifestyle type mags to catch up to the fact that their "pages" are on the internet and that the best way for a viewer to experience actual RL three dimensional abodes, environments or clothing is via video. That one seems like a no brainer to me, but I have yet to see it.

My guess is they probably don't like the idea of giving up that perfectly posed, photoshop possible control factor. Okay, there might also be a cost issue. I wouldn't really know, though.
I couldn't really figure out whether you were being tongue in cheek with some elements of that descriptor... London influence = mods? traffic congestion? Bad Wolf?

Anyway though, as much as I hate the whole netmag formatting (did this one have the fake page turny element? I can't remember) they did have a lot of helpful linkage. As for the video thing, I think part of it really is that sort of posing thing. Otherwise if you honestly just record them it's pretty much net TV and then there's the hassle of somehow making everything still seem properly exciting or evocative yet not have it turn into a steadycam in a horror movie.

Also I could have done with a smidgen more captioning beyond the IMDB links, like I still have no idea what the co-creator of Glee looks like.
Wait, I thought Rue was a "she"?

My poor brain cells are goin' by the dozen!
orangewaxilion, nope my tongue is firmly in line. I was thinking of the unique London design vibe that differs from anything here in the states. Off the top of my head I would define it as, um... a lack of self-consciousness and a willingness to explore extremes. (It would be so much easier to pull out various pictures and point to their differences.)

My statement came from my lifelong devouring and digesting of all things related to residential design and living. I have stacks of old shelter mags from various countries. (Some of them are even in languages that I can't read. But hey, the pictures were cool and showed expressions of living that I hadn't seen before.) I have two filing drawers stuffed with torn out magazine pages, all neatly divided into micro categories and filed in color coded folders. And I also have six shelves of books covering subjects ranging from green building and architectural history to individual design stars and various world cultural expressions of the kitchen. (Yep, I am totally sick.)

These are kind of my "Star Wars action figures." I think these witnesses would all testify on my behalf to the seriousness of my statement. ; ) And looking back now at my statement, I should probably have added that in my opinion they are targeting a female demographic.

Regarding the video thing:

Maybe it would be sort of like "net tv." I think the consumer control over what they see, what order they view it in, plus the interactive nature of the net would help it to differ somewhat from the passive viewing that currently defines tv. I give it at the most ten years before there is no difference between the tv and the nets. (Wasn't that one of the big issues of the writer's strike?) And I really do believe that designed spaces would be more properly experienced in the round.

I wonder if video would offer more truth in viewing? I guess it would come down to a cost thing. Color timing would probably be an option but maybe the faked perfect compositions would disappear. I'll bet they'd still manage to erase the power cords though.

It looks like this is their first issue. Maybe they will get better with the linkages? At least it's a proper use of the net and it's capabilities. Most of the online mags are just...awful.

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