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September 19 2010

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion interview with He talks about Castle Season 3, Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible. He misses Malcolm Reynolds terribly.

Me too.

Great interview, but it certainly was weird having the answers in bold and the questions not. I kept thinking the wrong person was Nathan. Once I got over that though, the Firefly stuff, it tingles.
Living on a houseboat in the tropics. What a nice dream.
I love how specific he is about which part of the house boat is for what.

Come to think of it, if it where a flying house boat...
Flying houseboat? Hm.

LOL! Yes. Got the blueprints here somewhere.
I love that he misses Mal as much as we do.
Whatever spins your gun, Captain.

BTW - - Mal Reynolds' birthday Sep. 20, 2468 -- blow out a candle for the Captain.
Like the gun spinning bit too.
I bet he names his boat Serenity.
FloralBonnet - celebrate Mal's birthday by watching the first episode of Castle season 3!
I wonder if someday Alexis will marry a guy named Reynolds.
Jeez,'s advertising model certainly sucks. After the overlay happens the content never becomes available again to continue reading. So I can't actually read the article.
Scoffing at Gravity,

I had that happen to me...the ad never properly displayed...I thought it was just my normal slow computer connection.

I was able to read the rest of the article after to hit F5 the refresh key or you could go to the page again and scroll down to where you stopped reading.
Aww, I love my Captain!
My muscular Granny Smith buttocks, we got legs!
Great interview. I started watching Castle just for Nathan, now I really enjoy it.
I hope the network has it on demand, because I'm going to have to watch Hawaii Five-0 and none of my recording stuff is working, except an old VCR.
Hey, I live here (different island, but still ...).
Hawaii Five-O was an instant draw for me too Shey. But- Castle has to be watched. Not just for Nathan, but because I'm into the show now. Both of them should play on demand or online on their respective channel's video sites. I always watch Castle again later in the week online, so I'll just add Hawaii Five- O to my online watching too. :)
Missing Mal, too.
I can't wait to start watching the new season of 'Castle.' Saw the eight-minute preview of episode 1, and it is enticing to say the least.
Great great show.

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