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September 19 2010

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for December. Coming out that month is Angel #40, The Crown Prince Syndrome hardcover, Angel: Illyria #2, Spike #3 and the Spike: The Devil You Know tpb.

For some reason the IDW covers never impress me as much as Dark Horse. Jo Chen aside, I just think Dark Horse tends to have better cover artists in general (including non-Buffyverse titles).

Is that the Immortal holding up Drusilla? Do we finally get to see him?

Absolutely love Urru's covers.

He, Angel is be zapped into S8.
Will be picking up all three issues.
Would be cool if it was The Immortal, but I can only think that too much screen/panel-time would kill the joke of his being super awesome and mysterious.
If that's the Immortal, he kinda looks like Chris Ryall... or at least the picture that Chris uses for his Twitter account.
SPIKE 3 is my favorite issue of any Whedonverse book I have written.
Woah. Interesting.
Brian said over at the IDW board that it's not The Immortal on the cover.
Oh, well, it worth a try. Must be somebody extremely important if he's on the cover.

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