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September 20 2010

Revisiting Buffy. The start of a new Buffy revisit blog...

I love these recaps. I particularly can't wait to find out what he now thinks of season 5 and beyond, which he already said is where he drifted away from the show when younger.

His season 1 recap is pretty much what I think; fine, with glimpses of brilliance, but just a little too cheesy to really be compared to the greatness that follows. There isn't really much I particularly hate about it (although 'I Robot, You Jane' tries really hard,) but outside of a couple of episodes ('Nightmares' and 'Prophacy Girl' mainly - although I do have a soft spot for 'The Witch') there isn't anything that truly stands out for me.
hopefully this won't turn out into another "the *real* Buffy ended after [insert season number]" thing.
I keep hoping someone will notice my Whedon revisit blog....

Here's a link, as it's relevant (if a bit pathetic). The Whedoning
I feel like he could have done a bit more with this, a few lines of review isn't exactly scintillating reading (also The Pack was way better than 3 stars for the dodgeball game alone).

I'm not sure how I feel about these recaps, I guess I never stopped watching Buffy repeats really so it feels a bit odd, I prefer it when there is a good take on the recap like that Buffy Fashion Roulette which is both hilarious and interesting.

Checking out yours now Tawm...

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