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September 20 2010

Sing Something Sci-Fi. Amber Benson, Adam Busch, James Marsters and David Boreanaz make this list of 15 sci-fi and fantasy actors who have performed extra-curricular vocal duties.

She doesn't have recording contract because music companies don't "do" actor, athlete, etc. gimmicky albums anymore. Too bad, because I'd trade my whole collection of LEonard Nimoy and Telly Savalas LPs for one full-length Amber CD.

She does include that mini-CD with one of ehr films, tho.....
What if you're a singer first, actor second or a mixture? John Barrowman, David Bowie... I'm sure I could think of more if not at work about to leave.
No Cristian Kane?
Of course! And Andy Hallett, ASH, Sting, Edward James Olmos, Ewan McGregor, Hugh Jackman, Avery Brooks, Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion - I'm sure there's many more, though I see they were going for the novelty acts as well (Shatner, Nimoy).
Anthony Stewart Head has got to be my favorite (much as I love NPH, Nathan Fillion, James Marsters, and so many more of our lovely singing men). I would pay quite a lot to see him live in Rocky Horror - he's the hottest Frank I've ever seen.
miribella_716 Have you seen Repo! The Genetic Opera? Tony is AMAZING in that. Very Jekyll/Hyde. If you haven't seen it, at least find the song "Night Surgeon" or "At the Opera Tonight." Shivers, guaranteed.

I had him sign my copy of his album Music For Elevators at Motor City Buffy, and that night he gave a concert after dinner. Our table was right up by the stage...

He's such a gorgeous man, with a fantastic voice. He got a little lost singing his French song, and had to look at the lyrics. To which he said "Oh, give me a break! It's in bloody French!"
Some actors make it in music, She and Him and 30 Seconds to Mars come to mind. Though, I guess the band names hide the actors somewhat...
Hmm, don't get the ASH love, never thought he was that great a singer, maybe you have to find men attractive for it to work. On the other hand I love that video of Amber Benson, she is amazing.
digupherbones Seriously? That's

I don't think Jimmy Buffett's attractive, but I'm proud to be a Parrot(t)head. And Lyle Lovett certainly is no stud, but I like a lot of his music.

By "gorgeous" I wasn't merely talking about Tony's looks (Which, like many other of Joss's people's, are certainly striking) but also his being. He's compassionate and witty, makes his fans feel like they're important, he and his partner Sarah Fisher donate time and money to helping animals in need, and he sponsors or helps out several charities.

Tony'S been singing for decades - he was part of a pop duo in the 80s called "Two Way," and also sang back-up for his brother Murray Head. My absolute favorite song of his is on his Music for Elevators album - "Babies (the in-between)" was written for his daughters, Emily & Daisy, while he was over here filming Buffy. The song is about not being there for them, and the most poignant line, to me personally, is "Looking at photographs/Watching you grow before my eyes."

And another song on that same album, "Change," has a very powerful message; I actually printed out the lyrics & brought the CD to my Seven Habits of Highly Effective People class in tech college this past semester.
Have to agree about the ASH singing love. He really is very good. Support for his ability came from an unbiased source in the form of my mother. She's an extremely analytical and critical (about music) classically trained opera singer who, when I played OMWF for her, commented that there really was only one voice in it, ASH's. That did not surprise me, because though I enjoy all the performances, and love OMWF, there is a big difference between actors who are singing and true musical performers. What did surprise me was my mom's comment that ASH's was a voice she would like to hear more of. High praise indeed. BTW, that isn't to say she didn't enjoy it. She was very impressed by it as a whole.
Speaking of singing and seeing as how this topic is way off the main page, did you, those of you who follow Fillion on Twitter see him retweeting all the people who songs about him (the good ones, obviously, he ain't crazy). Impressive. Here's a couple of links. He asked for his own theme song and he received:



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