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December 09 2003

Emma Caulfield is "ultraconservative" and politically minded according to's Republican Babe of the week section!

Oh well, I suppose she can't be perfect.
that liddy dole quote thing is pretty old. I vaguely remember another interview where EC said it was blown up out of proportion.
At a con in Ohio last year, JM said that he was amazed that he and Emma actually managed to be friends despite their polar opposite views on politics. According to him, her answer to one of his arguments against the Iraqui war was "Why shouldn't we go to war for oil? We need it!" When actress and character collide...
Wow! Sometimes you just don't wanna know stuff about actors you like! Ok just being a Reppie doesn't put someone on my hatelist, just someone I disagree with. But that 'war for oil line' makes the hairs at the back of my neck stand straight up!

Nah ok still not on my hatelist, it's still Anya! But....brrr, I didn't wanna know thaaat!
None of that stuff bothers me. Even though I'm very much not a Republican, I'm from (and still live in) Texas and anything mega-ultra-conservative is pretty much the status quo in my hometown. With that kind of thing, my mind goes into the in one ear and out the other mode, the same that my Republican acquaintances do for me.

Knowing where people stand on touchy subjects is always helpful. That way you can mentally extract any jokes on the subject you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself with later. Not that I'm ever going to meet Emma, but hell, just in case...
In that case I would want to ask her why she is a republican and has no soul...just in case.
"Trust the art, not the artist," I was once told by a artist who'd just been called "that cunt" by Marianne Faithful.
Thanks guys...Republican here. :) At least we agree on great television.
Demon! Demon! it's a demon...
Hey...a demon???...let's hope you at least think I have a soul. :)
Of course, we're prefectly willing to entertain the notion SOME Republicans have souls;-)

Ah, hehe sorry, Coll, we're giving you a hard time aren't we? Alright, no more reppie jokes. Why, some of my best friends are republicans., they're not. Never mind;-)

(Ok really stopping now)

Oh and Lalaa? My wife has a hard time believing James told that story about Emma because he usually doesn't talk that way about his coworkers.
I don't see why he would have a big problem telling this anecdote, but is there any site I could check it? Or wasn't it on a Q&A? Was it at a booth or something?
Have never seen that anecdote either, EdDantes, so I have my suspicions, as well...

Conservative Republican (and, gasp, Roman Catholic, to boot) here. No horns, no tail, no cloven feet, I promise.

But: Liddy Dole is not considered to be terribly conservative. Not liberal, to be sure, but certainly not conservative. Guess perspective just depends on where you sit.

[ edited by Chris in Virginia on 2003-12-09 21:27 ]
"That's the kind of wooly headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten."

Okay, it was Snyder...but it did seem appropos of this thread...!
James wasn't actually saying anything bad about Emma. Please, like he ever says anything bad about anyone! I think the point he was trying to make was that she was brave, because many in the cast and crew are extremely liberal. He admired her convictions for always standing behind her beliefs.

He said it during a banquet. A thing where the guest speakers would mingle around all the tables. So, it wasn't in front of the entire crowd or anything.
Before anyone goes damning Emma for the oil comment, remember that it's not a direct quote, just JM paraphrasing a conversation they'd had. As most people do when they tell stories at social functions, I'm sure he embellished it for laughs.
I am a Reagan Republican second and a Buffy fan first. And I try to keep my fantasy and my reality at a safe distance. You don't know hell until you hear a fellow Republican wax intellectual about the pro-Bush message of "The Lord of the Rings." :)
Funny, DaveW...when discussing politics, I usually say I'm a conservative first, and then a have shown me the error of my priorities!

Quite right...the philosophical themes developed on Buffy rather transcend any ideological framework, it seems to me.

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