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September 20 2010

Premiere of Hawaii 5.0 on CBS tonight. James Marsters appears in it.

Who all is going to be tuning in?
Thanks to this post, I'll be recording it on my DVR. I rarely watch things as they are broadcast. As I was setting it, I noticed that it is up against Castle. I like living in the time of being able to record two shows at the same time. :-D
If anyone's curious, Bravo have the show in the UK. I will probably watch it with them, since it doesn't seem like a show I need to see straight away. Bit annoyed they don't have a HD channel though.
It looks good, and I love what I've seen of James Marsters character. With all the upcoming premieres, hulu is going to be a big part of my life this week!
James guest in it and Daniel Dae Kim is one of the regulars, but they never crossed paths in Angel.

The same applies to Julie Benz and Kay Panabaker, who play mother and daughter on No Ordinary Family, but never crossed paths on Angel.
I'll record it, mainly to see Mr. Marsters.
Most reviews indicate that it's basically CSI:Hawaii and that the only stand out performance is from Scott Caan. I'll record the first episode and watch it when I can, but I don't expect it to make my weekly rotation.
CBS shows are not available on Hulu. Any one know where else it can be seen?
Red - If you have Comcast, they have many of the CBS shows in their "On Demand" section, usually the next day. They also have some of their shows at the network site. However, not everything is available right away, so you may be out of luck for a couple of weeks.
Sometimes pilots for new shows are available for free on iTunes and Amazon OnDemand. Worth checking it out if you really want to see it. occasionally runs full episodes of stuff they are trying to promote and they are promoting the hell out of this one.
The show was decent - but like too many other shows that have James in a guest role, they severely underutilized him.
Tell you what. This show might turn into something seriously kickass if they loose the Bruckheimer frenetic editing and let it grow into something other than CSI: Hawaii.

Scott Caan was a major stand out. His delivery of the comedic bits were a major departure for the genre and something that will probably work in the show's favor.

Tell you what though, for all that it seems stupid and masochistic for a 48 year old man to be doing his own stunts, it paid off dividends in the final fight scene between James and Alex O'Loughlin. It was well choreographed and you could tell they didn't pull their punches.

My verdict is that if the producers don't put a stranglehold on the writers and directors to turn this into another ensemble cast procedural, it could take off.
Emelye, funny that you should say the James/Alex fight was good, that is the only thing I did not like about the ep. I am used to the excellent fights on the Whedon shows and Leverage and this one was just bad to me. I did enjoy the show and hope James will be back for more. I liked Moonlight better, but it was so much better than Three Rivers and may be Alex's last chance with CBS.
For anyone planning to watch just for JM, don't get your hopes up. It's another one of his "three minutes of screen time" guest shots - well a little more if you count the fight scene, which was very well done by James and Alex O'Loughlin. I can only conclude that he wanted a vacation in Hawaii. ;)

I agree about needing to lose the "frenetic Bruckheimer editing", but not about the "CSI:Hawaii part. This was pure slam-bang fast action, more of it than you'd see in a full season of CSI's (unless they've changed a lot since I used to watch them, on occasion).

It has it's charms, not the least of which is the yummy gorgeous O'Loughlin (sorry, couldn't help myself :_) And Scott Caan is indeed a standout.

From a resident's POV, one major complaint. If they're going to throw in the occassional pidgin word/phrase, all concerned need to work on their inflection.

There is a lilt to local dialect that everyone picks up eventually, and not a one of the main actors seemed to even be attempting it. Dae Kim and Grace Park at least, should have made the attempt, portraying Hawaiian born locals.
But I'm probably being too critical - if you don't live here, you're never going to notice, anyhow.
Just realized that it opens for jokes about Mick St John (who I never got what the appeal was) Vs. Spike in a very sunny place. Kinda funny.
Didn't think of that, Numfar, but in retrospect it is kinda funny.

I grew to like Moonlight OK at the very end, and O'Loughlin was part of that, but I wasn't really impressed with him in this role. Scott Caan really stole the show--I see so many of his father's mannerisms and expressions in him--and he was certainly given the lion's share of the best lines. I like the reboot of the old series, which I liked as a kid, and I'll probably tune in here and there, but it's not likely to be appointment TV for me.

Shey, is there some YouTube video or something online that has people speaking with the lilt you describe? I'd be interested in hearing it.
The "pineapple infested hellhole" line might also be an inaccurate attempt at local color. Didn't the last pineapple plantation in Hawai'i close down about a year ago? All the pineapples in my local markets are from Costa Rica (and of inferior quality). But a mainlander who's only been on the Big Island for six months might not know that.
I thought JM would have a reoccurring guest role. Guess not. Which is very disappointing. The story was full of holes, and too rushed. The pilot needed to be two hours long. With a great scene between JM and Scott Caan!

Some great direction and, yes, I did like the fight scene.
Yeah, I've heard too that it could be recurring. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Can you elaborate on some of the plot holes, Razor? I'm curious.
paslehorse, nothing on YouTube comes to mind, but now I'm curious and will have to take a look. :_)

janef I think you're right about the pineapple growing. Although there may still be a couple of small operations on Maui, the big pineapple plantations are long gone.

As for the "hell hole" part .... if anyone who has watched Lost and is now watching this show actually believes that .... well, good for them, it's getting way too crowded over here, anyhow. ;)
I had also heard it was a recurring role. When he fell in the water and McGarrett made the comment, "Have them get the body out..." without any follow up that they had found a body, I figured that was their way to have him recur. Otherwise it really was another totally wasted opportunity.

As far as the hell-hole comment, I assumed that was a character establishment thing. We now know he is a total fish out of water who is so out of his element that he considers Hawaii a hell hole rather than the paradise most other people consider it. (And for me, that character and the beautiful scenery were the only things that made the show watchable.) Interestingly enough, he is supposed to be from my home state, NJ, which is a popular state to use to create characters right now. (sigh) They could be pretty much on target with this one though. A boyfriend of mine from way back when grew up in NJ, then spent 4 years of high school in Hawaii. As soon as he finished he came running back to NYC and proceeded to complain about those 4 years to anyone who would listen...which most of us wouldn't. "It was so boring, there was nothing to do." he whined. Except of course he would off handedly mention surfing after school and various other cool stuff. Although I tried to explain why those of us who remember slogging home from school through snow and loosing our shoes in the sucking mud when it melted seemed to have so little sympathy with him, he didn't seem to get it. I guess what I am saying is, I get who that character is supposed to be, and his comments about Hawaii have nothing to do with Hawaii, only about him.

I would also be interested in examples of the proper way the local dialect should be spoken. You would think they would get a coach on board for that since McGarrett is supposed to have grown up there too. Even if he were rusty, it should be the vocab that he would forget, not the cadence. Did they say Chin and his cousin were born locally? I was not paying that much attention. They had obviously been living there a while in any case, so they should have it down.

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