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September 21 2010

Bid for teddy bears signed by Whedonverse stars. This year's Project Teddy Bear auctions has bears signed by the likes of Morena Baccarin, Summer Glau, Michael Hogan, Clare Kramer, Sean Maher, James Marsters and Camdem Toy. All proceeds go to The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

There's also a boxing glove signed by the Castle cast and crew and a copy of "Death's Daughter" signed by Amber Benson.

Summer has the highest bid so far. Nobody else is even close. not even her Captain :-).
She actually has the highest bid of any actress who has participated in Project Teddy Bear since the beginning. :)
Poor Christopher Knight. Zero bids. He's a cutie though, so I might just have to bid.
If it helps, he was really nice about signing, too! ;)

He's always come across as super nice in all the interviews I've seen him in.
Anthony Head used to take part in this, too. There's an adorable picture floating around out there of him with the bear clipped to his ear.
"I wish I was ... a teddy bear,
Not living nor lovin', nor goin' nowhere,
I wish I was ... a teddy bear,
And I'm wishin' that I hadn't fallen in love with you."

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Just realized I never came back to report that Summer did, in fact, end up raising the most money *ever* in a single Project Teddy Bear auction... $2007!!
Good to hear :).
The next big thing I'm working on is a boxing glove signed by the Firefly cast... I've got Joss + the whole main cast except Ron Glass and Gina Torres... of course, those two are going to be challenging!

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