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September 21 2010

Our Favourite Fearless Females on TV. Buffy makes the list! And so does River, just not as River. And unfortunately no Echo!

Lacking agency (or even a memory most of the time), how could Echo be included?
Wow, someone likes Nikita. And how can you not include the original fearless female on TV, Emma Peel!
wow...I can't remember the last time I heard anyone bring up Dark Angel. I remember that being on every day after school...

Anyways, yay Buffy!
Wow, great list. Xena, Buffy, Starbuck, Veronica Mars, even two incarnations of Nikita! Honestly, my heart always grows three sizes too large whenever I see Xena mentioned.

Guys, remind me to rewatch VM. And BSG. And Nikita. (Buffy and Xena get periodic rewatches in my house, no need for reminders.)
Accidental double post. Sorry.

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Lacking agency (or even a memory most of the time), how could Echo be included?
Dana5140 | September 21, 19:20 CET

You could argue that having literally created your own identity is the ultimate form of "agency" (or at least I could). ;_)

One way or another Echo was a fearless female character on TV, so I think she deserves a mention. But then I'm a huge fan, of both Eliza and Dollhouse.

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