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September 21 2010

Buffy makes list of Primetime's Best Teen Soaps of All Time. MSN recognizes Buffy as one of the best primetime teen soap operas of all time.

It's nice to think of Buffy as a show for teens and its place in pop culture sometimes rather than a life changing quasi-religious experience.

Wow... This list has some of the most awful shows ever made listed as the best? That's horrifying.
I know, right? A girl who fights vampires? Lame.
I love seeing Buffy on lists of any sort. Great to see some love for My So Called Life (I rewatched recently, and it really has stood the test of time). No Freaks and Geeks? Shame.

Pst... want to know a secret? One Tree Hill is my guilty pleasure. I can only watch it when my husband is out of the house, he can't stand the show, and I've been watching it for years. Please don't judge me.
Huh, I think calling Buffy a {{whispers, so as not to be struck by lightning}} soap opera, should be tantamount to the penalties extracted by saying the actual title of the Scottish play inside a theatre.

It's as off-putting as saying Buffy is like one of those bad ABC After-School Specials which I believe Joss must remember since he wrote for Roseanne, though not the particular episode in which the dialogue is referenced, and would not want to ever have Buffy be likened to same at all possible costs.
Yeah, I didn't want to be the first to say it, but to me, soaps ain't very good. So that's kind of an insult. And it's also an insult to MSCL, which went out of its way to be realistic.

Which soaps are not.
Buffy is not a soap.
Yeah, Buffy has some soap elements, but it is definitely not a soap opera.
I tweeted my dismay about this and a guy @'d me asking, Well, if Buffy isn't a teen soap, what is it? I replied, A highly sophisticated genre drama.
OK, a soap opera would be what I saw Kristine Sutherland on last week, on Friday's episode of One Life to Live, playing a university dean.
I don't think soap need be pejorative. A soap is a drama centred primarily around relationships. Buffy fits the bill, though it's obviously so much more. The fact that most soaps are bad doesn't mean that the genre label itself need be an insult.
That's true, but the widely embraced meaning of that term brings up images of an entertainment form, I just don't think Buffy is. And I've never been a soap opera fan, so I was pretty taken aback.
Joss himself has said that he enjoys soaps (hence all the Passions references, I suppose). I really don't consider Buffy being called a soap as a pejorative remark.
Don't forget the key word "primetime", there is a difference between a soap opera like Passions and Days of our Lives that are on at like 10/11 am and shows like Buffy and One Tree Hill that are on after dinner when the audience is more than stay at home parents and older viewers. They both have the same elements and motivations, those during prime time are just less melodramatic.
From what I've read, the references to Passions were a nod to Smidge herself since she was apparently an avid follower.
IMO, soap still = insult.
And "it's nice to think of Buffy as a show for teens .... "

Not really, for those of us who were well into middle age when we *started* watching it, and who love it as dearly as any teen - although maybe for different reasons.
I just meant that its nice to think about how it was a show that worked as an example for teens and something for them to relate to, not saying that it was meant to be just for teenagers

I didn't watch it until I was almost done with high school but when I did I just thought of how helpful it would have been when I was dealing with my own teen angst

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