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December 09 2003

(SPOILER) Angel news from Kristin. Brief report on the party, episode 13 spoilers (nothing new) and a storyline for the 100th episode is revealed. There's also mention of a rumour about SMG guesting on 'Tru Calling'.

Whaat? She can't guest star on Angel, but she CAN on Tru Calling??? What the frag??
SMG is probably trying to distance herself from the Buffy role for the time being...Did anyone read between the lines during season seven interviews concerning Buffy? Everybody (with the exception of JW and SMG) was looking forward to a continuation of the series and had it not been for JW's burnout and SMG fear of being typecast there might have been an eighth season..or maybe not...Bottom line is that SMG probably wants a little notoriety besides Buffy for a while...Selfish and self-serving? Yes...But she has to do what she feels is right.
Simpleba...I don't think that is fair. People who become actors know the score of the game. Sarah is her own person, as is Allison, as is on and so on...typecasting is a beast that truly exists in Hollywood. Acting is her job. I can completely understand why Sarah moved on. I did not want her to, but I understand. People take different jobs to better themselves...EVERYONE does it, so why shouldn't she??? I just hate hearing all this "selfish, self-serving" BS about Sarah. We should be thankful that we had her as Buffy and enjoyed the 7 seasons that Joss and Sarah gave us. I think we as viewers are the "selfish" ones to keep her pegged in one role. Sure...I wish I could have new eps of Buffy every Tuesday perpetually...but nahhh...ain't gonna happen, so I hope Sarah can reap success doing whatever she wants...movies, marriage, motherhood...whatever. The End.
I agree with Coll. I just don't see someone who dedicated 7 years of their life to one project, marketed it like crazy by doing interviews and endless photo shoots for covers of magazines as now being selfish and self serving because they wanted something new! I'm so tired of the SMG bashing! Emma Caulfield wasn't on the show as long and she wanted out, Tony Head became a part time player because he didn't want to be as involved, Kristine Sutherland asked for an extended leave so she could travel with her friend, Joss Whedon had distanced himself and let others take over his role and he was very open about not wanting to do anymore with Buffy, so why can't the one person who had the most invested, the most time consuming part, the most physical part also get tired of doing it?! People be fair, she's a real person who has a real life and has the right to make her own decisions that effect her directly. It just seems no matter what she does, people are ready to rip her apart. Did it ever occur to anyone that if she does do Tru Calling, she's trying to help out a fellow cast member who added a lot to her own show, even though Eliza's show is considered a big flop? I'm sure doing Tru Calling is in no way going to boost SMGs career. Maybe if it was a big hit but it obviously is not.
To be fair, it was just some chatter who mentioned the rumor and Kristin didn't know anything about it.
BTW - so far SMG on Tru is just a rumor, Kristin had no confirmation on it and SMG was doing an interview on the style network, which is shot in the same building that E! studios are located. At the same time Kristin was doing the chat. However, Kristin herself filmed an episode of Tru last week.

I was more disappointed in learning that this was the last episode for Charisma though, I was hoping she might keep hope alive about perhaps returning for another episode or two but it sounds like this episode is indeed her final one.
Sarah and Eliza are good friends, so it is very possible that she would guest for an ep.
I put as much faith (no pun intended, really) in this rumor as much as that rumor that SMG was going to portray Jessica Lynch.
Hey speaking of Sarah's side jobs: Anyone hear anything about her Simpsons guest spot?
Okay, just a few points I'd like to mention here.

-Sarah's great. Sarah's Buffy. Can't imagine anyone else nor do I want to. But this notion some fans nurture, that she's therefore a saint, above and beyond reproach, is a tad silly. I know that's not what you guys are saying but it's pretty close to it.

-No one can blame Sarh for quitting Buffy. (in their right mind anyway). Joss, as said, was tired of it too. But HOW she quit....Anyone remember Alyson rightly pointing out how everyone on the show had to find out through a Sarah interview in a magazine that they were out of a job? Alyson was pissed and she was right. It was rude. And as the reporter asked "Has she said anything since? Alyson: "No she hasn't said a thing."

Nothing major. But simply rude.

-The notion that we should be 'grateful to Sarah is really silly to me. She got rich and famous through the show and it made her a household name. Let's not act like she suffered through it just for our sake. Not like her movie career in between was taking off either. And really, everyone worked their butts off. (Joss anyone?) And I'm sure she earned more than any other actor too. And rightly so as the main character, I'm not saying anything's wrong with it, but 'grateful'? One could also argue she should be grateful to us fans for making her a star.

And what bugs me lately are the signs that Sarah herself thinks of her in this martyr role. Like when hubbie Freddie complained on TV about all 'the nonsense' she had to go through on the show and how 'grateful' ME should have been to even have her. How she should have been 'rewarded' and not get 'nonsense' and that THAT was why she was quitting.
Everything I've read (including her own words) have illustrated nicely that she's basically been the queen of the set since year 2. And as I said, she was the star, and the best paid, and yet apparently to Freddie at home she complained about all the 'nonsense'.
Now I know it was Freddie who said that and not her. (She's way too professional to do that and I suspect Freddie got in trouble after that one.) But there's only one person from whom Freddie could have gotten it.... And sorry but that stinks as an attitude. It reeks of 'primadonna'.

-Typecasting does exist. And actors are right to fear it. And Sarah can do with her life whatever she wants. Of course. However after 7 years straight of Buffy I doubt one appearance on Angel is going to matter much on that scale.
But it could boost the ratings of a show that that was on the bubble a couple of times, has many coworkers and friends of her on it, of a company that made her one of the western world's most well known faces, and that has many, many fans that would love to see her on it.
So no she's not obliged to do it. But it would be nice. And as far as helping out friends goes: yeah Eliza's show needs a boost more, but then again, Eliza is probably the most succesful of the Buffy/Angel cast already.

Argh, look I'm NOT bashing her. I'm a huge Buffy fan and she's great. Her level of talent and profesionalism (shown especially in things like "Once more") is very high and I hope to see more of her.
But I just don't agree with the idea that she's this saint that we should be 'grateful' to. And if she does indeed appear on Tru and not on Angel, I can't help but smell some sour grapes. I hope I'm wrong, but...
Though I have no plans for building a SMG shrine in my toolshed, I do feel that 'grateful' is an acceptable word to use. I'm grateful for 7 years of having something great to look forward to each week. I'm grateful for the way I was made to feel that hour each week. And I'm grateful for the memories I will always have of this show.

Now it doesn't matter if Sarah lurched from set to set with bloodshot eyes and growling stomach or if she rode into every studio on a bejeweled elephant with 12 fawning man-servants...the fact remains that when she and Nick, and Aly, and Tony, and the rest of the gang got in front of those cameras, I was grateful to be there, in front of the TV, witnessing cinema history.

But again, if I were Sarah, I WOULD be grateful to my fans for making Buffy popular as it's become. But fans don't flock to bad, uninspiring shows. The show has to have something to be grateful for before the actors can be grateful to the fans for supporting said show...It's a mutual exchange.
Well said protector. "Grateful" is the word I used and the emotion I feel. I'm not kneeling down, praying to SMG or offering her my firstborn....I'm "grateful" for her talent, time, and kickass performances. My daughter is 11 and we have watched this show together since she was 4 1/2. (I know...I said I was a Conservative Republican...but liberal with movies/television.) We always looked forward to Tuesday night and spending it together...something that was just ours. It is still that way, only a different night...Wednesday/AtS. For this, once again, I am "grateful". I really don't care what SMG does in the future but I do wish her success. I understand the way she "announced" her end on Buffy is not to many's liking, I would have done it differently if it was I, but again...was not there, two sides to every story...yadayadayada. All I'm saying is I separate the character and the actress. I'm grateful to SMG for Buffy...simple as that. I don't need to question motives or who was bitchy and who was goes does hers...and so does ours.

[ edited by Coll on 2003-12-10 04:49 ]
I am grateful of Sarah AND the rest of the cast of BtVS but it's Sarah who everyone seems to enjoy bashing and that is why I defend. No one seems to be bashing any of the other members of the cast for their wanting time off or off the show altogether. As for the interview with Alyson Hannigan, who even knows if that is really true. If it is, oh well, it's between them. As for SMG complaining to her husband about her job, who here has not complained to their significant other about work and the wrongs they feel are being done to them whether justified or not, that is just human nature and I bet he did get in trouble when he got home as he should have. Every job is stressful no matter how much you like your job (if you're one of the lucky ones who actually do) and people vent to their spouses to let off steam. What's said at home should've remained private. And who knows for sure whether she will or will not guest on Angel in the future. I hope she does, but I hope we don't reach the point where Angel needs a guest shot from SMG in order to save it because if that happens, it most likely won't be around for much longer anyway.
Great response ED!!!!!
Simpleba and lovelydarkdeep: Thanks ;-)

Coll, protector and Blwessels: Like I said I am NOT bashing her. Sory if you got that impression. I'm a huge Buffy fan and I love Sarah in it. I just don't have the need to whitewash every little thing she's ever done that might have been less than perfectly nice. I have no trouble realising she's human and is capable of being jerky like any of us.

(And yes, the Aly interview is true, it wasn't some gossip rag, it was an official exclusive interview. And really it just wasn't very considerate of Sarah towards her coworkers.)

And yes we've all had bad days at work and griped about it. But Freddie's remarks were a little beyond that. Especially when he stated it was the real reason she quit. Because she wasn't lauded enough. So either Freddie's a complete paranoid idiot making stuff up, or Sarah simply could get over herself a teensy bit.

But hey donít get me wrong, if that's the case, so what? I mean they don't owe it to us to be perfect human beings. They can be jerks from time to time just like the rest of us. And several people have stated not everyone got along on the set. Well, find me an office where everyone DOES get along.
My point is I can like her and be a fan of her work (well, maybe not Scoobie Doo) and still acknowledge she can be not so nice sometimes. Without needing to make up apologies for her because sheís Buffy. And I really don't see the problem with that.

And no, a guest shot shouldn't have to save Angel but any boost in ratings would still be nice. And you know, there is a good chance there won't be a sixth season of Angel, so there may not really be much opportunity for her to be Buffy one last time.

Couldnít she do it for her coworkers and masses of fans that made her great? Itís her career and her choice and all that, but if she really does Tru and not Angel I still canít help feeling that kinda stinks.
EdDantes - Whether you think you are bashing her or not,that is how it is coming across. One of the things you seem to be holding against her is that she is not guesting on Angel and how can any of us know whether or not she will?

And I was not making apologies because she is Buffy, I just think too many people judge her (or any other celebrity) without having all the facts, without actually being there, without knowing the person in real life and just on rumors. It just seems to me that no matter what she does, it's the wrong thing for some people (and I'm not saying that's how you feel personally).

I've read other postings on this site that don't want her to guest on Angel because they feel Buffy's story is ended and think because she decided she didn't want to play Buffy full time why should she do a guest stunt on Angel. There is no way that everyone can be pleased but to be personally attacking the actress just doesn't seem fair, especially when it comes to actions she hasn't even done yet.

As for the AH interview, if it is true, then Ally did have reason to be upset. As I recall, that interview was within days of SMGs annoucement. None of us know if this was resolved between SMG and AH. None of us know how SMG might have been feeling. I heard she got quite emotional when Amber Benson's final scene was taped (and this was from an Amber Benson interview) and was sobbing. I can see were it might've been hard for her to go and tell everyone she had made her decision to leave. Bad choice, yes, unforgivable, no. But we don't know if she had told Joss and Marti and expected them to break the news or what the rest of the story was behind the scene. Now, if Joss or Marti were interviewed and said that she didn't even tell them that would be something to really complain about.

The fact that it took her to mid season to make up her mind shows that she was torn about whether or not to come back and during an interview on one of those evening shows she seemed on the verge of crying when she was talking about it being over with. So it might have been just too hard for her to tell the other actors on the set. Again, it was a bad decision to not tell them personally, but maybe understandable.
Don't worry Ed, I completely understand where you are coming from. I agree with all you said. SMG coddlers make me nauseous. And she IS a prima donna. complete agreement here...again!!! Well said. :)
Can I add a little something about the AH interview about SMG. I saw Nick in Nashville over this past Halloween and this was brought up and Nick said that AH and him had talked it over, and descided they would go one more year, even though AH was being offered a lot more work since her Pie appearances. They had ask Sarah if she was doing another year and she said yeah she was thinking about it, she seemed to be siding on returning - which help them to make up their minds. After he and AH had made there descission and were psyhced about the next season being their last; not 2 days later they read the interview with SMG saying she wasn't going to return, the interview had taken place before they ask her what she was going to do and she had made them think she was coming back for one more year. They felt like she had slapped them in the face since they had told her their descission. When they confronted her about it and she basically said it was her call and Joss knew, the friendship between the three of them has been strained ever since. So yes SMG was kinda rude about it but in a way I have a feeling Freddie was behind it. Something about him made me not trust him before SMG and he ever started dating. So not bashing just adding.
Okay, now that's something substantial if you actually saw the words coming from the actor's mouth and are not just reading it from an interview. That is a crappy thing to do. I still don't hate her though, I think that was a poor judgement call and hopefully she feels bad about it now. And, yes, her husband could've had something to do with her decision or maybe even the magazine that had her annoucement... you know, some privacy thing where they have the exclusive rights because she signed a contract. I just don't agree with all the heresy bashing because of something that was read or someone heard or something that hasn't even happened yet (like whether or not she'll guest on Angel).

If there's ever a "E! True Hollywood Story" where the entire cast and crew comes forward and says she was a hateful shrew, that's one thing but I doubt that will happen. I think there were tensions but I don't think they were that extreme.

I just think that everyone has something in their life that they aren't too proud of and unless you are a saint and have never done anything wrong, then it isn't okay to pass judgement on others. I guess us unfamous people are just lucky our lives aren't under a microscope like all the celebrities out there. I truly don't envy them their fame in situations like this.
Lots of people are shitty to each other, but they don't get their lives raked over with a comb like celebrities do. Let's face it, we're all sinners and we all fuck each other up. Hell, alas for some, is tabloid scrutiny.
Bwessels, you are basically saying the same things I did a few posts up.
Don't hate Sarah, never said I did. I am not in judgment of her. She doesn't owe it to us to be a saint and we've all done crap. Pretty much what I was saying.
(Except when I said it, you felt it was 'bashing'. Seems a little odd.)

My only point was I can realise she can be a jerk (Like in that particular example, Thnx for the extra info RavenU), just accept that she can be a jerk like the rest of us, and still be a fan of her work without needing to gloss things over.

And once again, I don't see why there's anything wrong with that or how it's 'bashing'. (Especially since you're saying essentially the same thing now.) It's not like I was saying things like "Sarah SUCKS! She is a STOOPID head!" or something was I?

Oh and I never envy anyone their fame. I'd HATE to be famous. Rich on the other hand is a whole different matter........;-)
The difference is I don't go out of my way to mention things she has done. I don't condone her for rumors of what she may or may not do in the future and you did that with your comments about whether or not she would guest on Angel or Tru Calling. So I did not say the same thing you did. Your first comment was after mine where I commented on someone else's bashing. You then chose to address me in one of your later posts which drew me into the conversation with you. I personally don't care what she does in her private life and truly can't comment on anything she allegedly has done because I wasn't there to witness it for myself. I also did not accuse you of bashing, I just pointed out to you that to others it was coming across that way and I wasn't the only one who felt that way. I did not personally attack you with my comments and if anything, tried to word things so you wouldn't feel that way. Sorry if you did. My comments on RavenU's posting was that they stated they actually saw a real life interview where that conversation took place. Okay, fine, then what they say is a legit thing. My major problem is people commenting on rumors and judging her on rumors alone. I also think the major difference in our opinions is that I want to give people the benefit of the doubt because I feel if I am not directly involved in their real life, who am I to judge? Of course the disadvantage of writing things out and not having actual verbal conversations with people is that people can misunderstand what someone is actually trying to get at.

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