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September 22 2010

A Superman/Batman: Apocalypse clip introduced by Summer Glau. She plays Supergirl in this animated feature that comes out on DVD next week.

I saw an early screening of this way back when. From what I remember, it was pretty good. Supergirl kind of hogs the story on this one, so there's a lot less Superman/Batman banter. Wonder Woman and the Amazons join in all the fun. And Darkseid. And Doomsday. It's fun to see Batman trying to hold his own among such juggernauts. Somehow he does. (Well, of course he does - he's Batman.)

Summer did an excellent job as Kara, of course. Hope she'll be back. The nerd in me loves this kind of stuff, but I think it's sad that animated movies are the only way I'll get to see Batman and Superman onscreen my lifetime.
Even such a short clip of Summer, and her voice work added to that, makes my day :)

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